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Friday, May 28, 2010

New and Improved Black Templars List for LoT!

Vinsanity ahoy, back again with a revamped BT list for LoT after some useful comments in other thread!

The older list wasn't full mech, this one is all mech with the exception of the terminators which I'm quite happy with... This list seems a lot stronger than the other one, having more anti-tank and possibly more anti-infantry potential too!

I've taken away the Marshal :((135), the 5 man shooty crusader squad (101) and the Biker Squad (105) and added in a Land Speeder Tornado with MM, HF (75), 1 Initiate to bring the 7/2 crusader squad up to 8/2 for 16 points and added in 2 AC/LC predators for 125 points each (250 total). It all adds up to 1750 in the dot as well!

So here we go... (/joker voice)

LoT Black Templars List II - 1750


Emperors Champion - Accept Any Challenge, Crusader Seals 140


5 Sword Brethren Terminators - 2 Assault Cannons, Tank Hunters Skill 255


10 Initiates - bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist
4 Neophytes - bps, ccws 225

8 Initiates - bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist
2 Neophytes -bps, ccws 173
Mounted in Rhino - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 58

8 Initiates - bps, ccws, Meltagun, Powerfist
2 Neophytes -bps, ccws 173
Mounted in Rhino - Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers 58

Fast Attack

Land Speeder Tornado - Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 75

Land Speeder Tornado - Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer 75

Heavy Support

Land Raider Crusader - Smoke Launchers, (Free Extra Armour) 268

Predator Destructor- Autocannon Turret and Sponson Lascannons 125

Predator Destructor- Autocannon Turret and Sponson Lascannons 125

Total 1750

Yeah? Better? Im very happy with this BT list, I think it is both more competitive and more fun to use and play against whilst not taking it in the ass too hard by 'penal' comp (lol) It is also more achievable in terms of painting it by the tourney date since its all black ^^ So what do you think? Leave some C&C please and vote for the BT list in the poll! (Maybe Kirbs could add a 5th army to it, or maybe not - if not, I can just guess how many votes for it or something, like total - 8 current votes for the old list). Cheers!

7 pinkments:

Kirby said...

This one's better, more balanced though still might suffer in the AT department. The poll will stay the same and we can assume whoever voted BT will either change their vote if they don't like it or keep it ^^.

Brother Loring said...

Much better. Still some thing's I'd recommend for a 'normal' list but as I don't have the specs for 'comp' (vomits all over the floor), I'll keep my mouth shut.

*changes vote to BT* :p to Kirby....

Chumbalaya said...

I like it.

Vinsanity said...

Cheers guys for the replies :D

It might struggle a bit with AT tho I think that the Aussie tourney environment wont produce that many full mech lists, however I could be quite wrong ^^.

Brother Loring - Your C&C changed the other list for the better so feel free to add anything here. Are u talking about units like LC termis in the LRC?

Chumb - I like it too, much more than the other lists in fact!

Keep voting and posting thanks!

Brother Loring said...

Just a few small things to consider...

1) Frags on crusader squads. The more (and the better the opponent) I play the more I think frags are really important. For 1 point... I think it's worth it. One assault through terrain will EASILY earn them their points.

2) LC terms in the LRC is a toughie and you'd have to sacrifice a lot for it. I'm also not convinced a single squad will be as effective at 1750 as it is at 1500. The shooty ones are good, but a 2nd squad would be nice - but again... where do those points come from.

3) LR vs LRC. For Assault Terms LRC has it every day of the week. With a crusader squad... I'm not so sure. 2 Twin-Linked las would be a nice addition to your ranged fire. I don't think you'll miss the 14-man squad. The overall saving would be about 60 points... close to affording another speeder.

4) Without assault termies, you drop your 'assault army' claim. Preferred enemy is nice, but we really lack power weapons outside of them. The only real way around this is taking multiple smaller squads, but I think the 'comp' monkeys will be up in arms about this.

Maybe Kirby will get round to posting my batrep (:p) and show you what I roll with at 1500 and maybe some of my mistakes will help you out.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Vinsanity; where is Australia are you from?

I would drop an initiate for XA & Smoke for your 2 Preds. One inititate wont kill that much ~ XA and Smoke could keep your 130 pt tanks fighting, well worth it IMO.

Smoke - if you have to jet 12", you might as well use protection, 3 pts is a no-brainer.
XA - so the baddies stop you shooting. Boo. Make the most of the situation and reposition.

I don't like DSing Terms. I much prefer a Pod. But I don't think you have anything you can sacrifice to get one :(

BroLo; I have been thinking about frags too. I refuse to pay for them but it is seriously annoying when fighting an otherwise beige squad - you shoot them and they get cover when bolt pistols stop that and then you strike them last after charging them. Talk about a slap in the face.
I keep trying to tank-shock the critters from the bushes though ;)

Vinsanity said...

Cheers guys :D

BroLo - I was thinking that frags would be useful but not sure where to get points, perhaps make a few initiates neophytes or something. The large squad shouldn't need them since the LRC gives them frags on the charge...

Yeah a 2nd squad of shooty termis would be great, just not sure where to find the points in this list...

I think the LRC is far superior to the LR, especially since the BT LR can only hold 10 guys and I quite like the scoring potential of the 14 man unit:( The firepower is more impressive too and it is fluffier to have a LRC since BT were the pioneers of the tank...

I think the Marshal I had in the other list makes up for that a bit (the lack of power weapons), but I took him out and added more mech which I think was the right choice. Its still definitely an assault army imo, the troops, the LRC and the LST all need to get fairly close to do damage, so I would still class it as an assaulty list but one that is weaker since it has no LC Assault termis...

A bat rep would be great, post it up for us Kirbs!

Marshal Wilhelm - I'm from Sydney, North west roughly. Nearer to Hornsby. I quite like the suggestion of dropping an initiate for some Pred upgrades, I'll have a think about it a bit more :D

The termis won't usually be DSing, they can deploy and move with support fire closer to the LRC or the Preds to possibly ward off any minor alpha strike.

Tank shocking would indeed help with trying to get opponents guys out of cover but frags would seem much easier. Just sucks we don't get them for free :( Even fucken guardsmen get them for free now :(

Thanks for the replies, keep the C&C coming! And vote BT!

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