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Monday, May 17, 2010

New Author (again) & any 'ard Boyz results?

Well we have another new author in Vinsanity! He's going to be focusing on Fantasy since I generally don't have time for Fantasy and he's always trying to get me to play it. His about me info can be found on the About Me page (and hopefully AbusePuppy will send me his soon, too!). I think for the moment I'll put a cap on regular guest authors though if anyone has any individual articles they'd like to post, I'm more than happy to put them up. For the moment just going to work on layout, etc. and once I'm more settled with the blog may re-open guest authot slots.

Won't be posting anything major until I get home from uni today so if anyone has any 'ard Boyz results, we'd love to hear them! What list did you bring and how did you go? It sounds like anyone who take a halfway decent list generally rolled through their opponents (unsuprising really) and it'll be interesting to see who heads off to the semis.

Also welcome to all Heresy-Online viewers. Signed up with Jezlad on his blog and forum so we are part of another blogging network...that's kind of nice. Will hopefully get to sink my teeth into the HO Forums soon as I've heard mostly positive things about them compared to Warseer/Dakka, etc.

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