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Monday, May 10, 2010

New Author...!? & some general thoughts

For those of you who know, AbusePuppy has put together a fairly comprehensive Tyranid Review on Warseer which I was quite impressed with (backed up by his general intelligence on a forum often devoid of thought) so we've agreed to post it up here for more circulation (waiting to find out if he wants to do it himself or if I will on his behalf). He may also like to join the ranks of 3++ authors but I don't know if we sent enough cookies! So by this time tomorrow either he or myself will have posted the review in parts and a link should be up under in-site navigation.

However, I'd also like to say a few things about this blog. Remember that each person who writes on this blog (and comments, views it reguarly, etc.) has a specific stand-point and view on things. Whilst there is generally some black & white arguments in 40k (i.e. Orks sucking, there's no grey there. They do.) the more recent books released by Games Workshop are going to have a lot more grey areas in terms of viability and tactics because they are so well written and offer so many options. Whilst the majority of us here may agree with one another on what is effective and what should be left home, there will be differences and we encourage that. If Games Workshop was failing at it's job, competitive environments would see one list from each codex with no variation. Roland for example is a bit more of a fluffy nutter in relation to his army lists whilst I will build an army list and then create fluff for it. At the same time whilst I promote a competitive environment and balanced lists, I also have my fun or giggly lists.

In relation to AbusePuppy's Tyranid review, I may have said some things differently or given certain units a better or worse acknowledgement but it is Puppy's review and I think he deserves a very hearty pat on the back and recognition for the effort he has put into it.  I recommend everyone read it whether you play Tyranids or not. Remember, knowledge is your ally in the grim future. That being said, we want to promote and encourage discussion in relation to what we and you think. If we have it wrong, tell us. If you have an idea, tell us. If you don't understand why we think as such or think otherwise, tell us. We might get a bit shirty if you fail to grasp our points and then try to offload something silly as correct (notice the and there) but everyone was (or is) new at some point and as long as you are willing to learn, we wub you :).

Just thought that needed to be put down where everyone could see and hopefully AbusePuppy will agree to be an author on this blog so we can get another individual's opinion which I value posting here whilst giving us a good excuse for a party!


5 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

No link?


MagicJuggler said...

I do actually like the using the Harpy for assault. At least for running in support of lower-initiative units. Or now that you mentioned that Lash Whips/Sonic Screech simply reduce Initiative rather than making the opponent "strike at reduced initiative", multicharging a Harpy in support of Acid-Blooded freaks sounds rather funny.

Roland Durendal said...

Fluffy nutter!?!? Why I'd never....wait a sec...yeah I kinda am.

Which reminds me, part 3 of the AirCav article will be done this week, as well as a fluff piece and soon-to-be-started conversion article for Baldr. That game with GW's inspired me, and so I added a chainfist, and a little back story as to why he has a "chain"fist. It'll make sense when you read it, I promise...

Kirby said...

Sure Roland :P.

It's coming Chumb, just trying to put it all up on blog atm.

Kirby said...

Okay, Puppy has agreed to be an author so hopefully he will put up the review shortly!

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