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Friday, June 11, 2010

Eldar Heavy Support poll results & thoughts

Lots of studying lately so posts are a bit down. Guest authors I choose you! Brother Loring & MagicJuggler have both been added to the guest roll but won’t be posting regularly (from what they tell me) but hopefully they’ll be able to drop some articles. So onto the actual post. As I’m sure most of you know, there was a poll recently on Eldar Heavy Support. Now whilst I would like to assume a representative sample of 40k players read this blog, due to my style and preferences I would imagine the vast majority of individuals who read this blog follow a similar philosophy.However, we do have a lot of readers from Warseer/FTW/H-O/B&C/etc and we do have a recent influx from BoLS/40konline all of which pertain members who differ greatly. So for the sake of this argument we’ll say the poll did reach a mostly representative sample. What a lot of useless information. SO here are the results in order of highest picked (remember you could pick multiple options and 83 people voted):

1) Fire Prisms 38 (45%)
2) Falcon 34 (40%)
3) Wraithlord 21 (25%)
4) War Walkers 19 (22%)
5) Dark Reapers 10 (12%)
6) Night Spinner 8 (9%)
7) Support Batteries 7 (8%)

I thought it interesting that the Fire Prism & Falcon were both clear by ~20% to the rest of the field (see above in reference to population sampling) but am pleased to see it. Highly interesting was the Night Spinner with only 9% of votes. After the responses I’ve seen on the forums and here against the review (insinuating it was a bad unit), I would of thought it would have been 3rd or 4th, especially seeing as Mech Eldar is the most competitive army out there. Again though I guess it goes to show the differences in the gaming community and only ~40% are playing mech Eldar. I also thought it was interesting that Wraithlords were the 3rd most popular at 25%, Elfzilla still seems to be kicking then, gogo Footdar? I’ll be writing an article in this vein later exciting (no it won’t be a flame war on footdar, more about the “surprises of 40k.”

So what are everyone else’s opinions? I think it’s understandable why Dark Reapers and Support Batteries are last but anything else surprising to anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I played a game against marines (vanilla) this week using both d cannon support weapons and dark reapers (my 1st time with either unit) and actually found them both doing quite well. The reapers only struggled because I was facing a mech army but once the marines had disembarked they took out a command squad quite nicely.

As for the d cannons, they managed to destroy a rhino and a dreadnought, as well as shaking several other vehicles during the game.

MagicJuggler said...

I find the main issue with Wraithlords is not their statline but their model. No Invulnerable Save, plus the model being top-heavy (slender legs, high-mounted body) means TLOS does a number on them, meaning to *really* use them means you must bring vehicles.

I tried the Lance+EML combo+Guardian Tagteam, but found it does very little (2 shots at that point level+inefficient weapon combos); meant that all low-strength shooting went to the Guardians, all high-strength to the Wraithlords (well, after the War Walkers died as their increased damage, and fragility make them higher-priority targets); bad target saturation. That said, not being Stunned or Weapon-destroyed) is still nice. I am contemplating a pair of Scatter Laser+Shuricannon Lords in hybrid list with Jetbikes (Warlocks that aren't in a unit that dies to flamers? Ok) and Dragon Serpents.

Chumbalaya said...

Dark Reapers and Support Weapons are obviously the best Heavy Support choices out there.

Reapers have a 3+ save. 3+! That's as good as marines! Speaking of marines! Dark Reapers have an AP3 gun! AP3 ignores power armor! Therefore! Dark Reapers rule!

Vibrocannons demolish mech with all those S6 shots at 24", D-cannons kill everything within 24" and Shadow Weavers are just happy that I remember what they were called. Who cares if you can't move and shoot, bad guys will come to you!


Meister_Kai said...

^Wow, you're explanation of Dark Reapers is exactly that of my LGS's, the difference being no sarcasm when they're talking.

Warwalkers are a little higher up than I thought'ed they be. Since when is AV 10 all around "heavy support" anyway lol.

Kirby said...

@Anon; Dark Reapers really suffer from lack of Strength and durability. T3/3+ isn't great and without excess wounds...ya. They will tear up anything in the open but so do Prisms. D-Cannons...well ya, poor range, unreliable w/BS3 blast and weak as paper.

The_King_Elessar said...

Walkers are good - but only in a Paper Hammer kind of way.

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