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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Libby WIP II

More pics of the libby. Lighting was poor as I took it late at night so colors aren't as vivid :( but hopefully you can see the work on handlebars/boltguns + warpfire (or whatever you want to call it). He's fully magentised atm and I  have running legs + Jump Pack as well for him when he wants a Jump Pack (and for Mech marine armies he can keep his normal back pack). I've gone for a dodgy NMM look on the metal parts but it's not great and can't really be seen in these photos but I prefer it over using chainmail or another metallic silver.

 So thoughts? Will get to painting it more intensely soon as I take breaks from studying. Not sure waht to do with wheels yet. Do I put snow on them or drybrush them? Remember my fluff is all ice worlds/moons/etc.

5 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

I like it, it's got that cool color palette and looks clean.

Kirby said...

And they are spread out...odd.

kennedy said...

I concur with Chumby. Very nice.

I like the warpfire. It's something that makes the model stand out.

Vinsanity said...

Looking alright, maybe a bit too clean for my liking atm :D Get to work on those Nids however ^^

Kirby said...

I like clean models ^^ don't do dirt well I guess so don't think ruining my models lol. Plus they take good care of their wargear...

Wish I could get a decent pic of the warpfire. Stands out more now that I've painted the skull. Curious as to what color I should do the Force Weapon. Keep with jdae look from other minis? Or go with a deep blue w/lightning?

Nids will be started once this guy is done (for a competition). I've got 2 Termagants on the table to help get me into the groove and then I'll start batch painting when my Nids come in (may still need to get more Termagants) and looking for Tervigon conversions to see one I like.

I'm still looking for a 3rd carnifex btw...

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