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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Picture taking advice!

I'm camera challenged and always enjoy seeing good pictures of good models but never seem to be able to produce my own. So I thought I'd give a nice shout out to Jezlad over at H-O for his two articles on putting your minis online. The first one is all about taking good pictures. Whilst this may seem basic to some people, it really helps (i.e. I didn't know the macro function had an optimal range...woops). The second one is about preparing your pictures as collages to focus on the key areas of the model you'd like to create little pictures for. I should go download this program. I'd like to see some basic photoshopping (or does photoscope do this to?) to make cool backgrounds/scenes that you sometimes see but these two articles should improve our pictures to show off to everyone!

P.S. noticed in the last article someone named LTP signed kudos to LTP & Jezlad who writing/posting, etc...

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And I'm just dropping this here to remind me. Thanks to Puppy for the link:

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