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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Storm Wardens: A collaborative effort

Well you can click the pretty picture or go here! I think this is a fantstic idea with a great line-up of painters, modellers and artists including Ron Saikowski, Dave Taylor, misterjustin, Jawaballs, and more. The idea for raffling off an army for charity is a great idea and kudos to current sponsors Cheesix and Secret Weapon Miniatures as well as the guys & gals at Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop for encouraging this to be put together. If Ron puts a little link or section together I'll add a link on the homepage here for easy access and checking out of progress (I  hear he's also making a mini-blog roll for it). I'll be watching with great anticipation and supporting to the best of my abilities *throws about pink pom poms.*

4 pinkments:

The Wolf's Lunch said...

'the GUYS & gals at Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop'

May want to give that line a bit of a run-over Kirbs :P

Kirby said...


Anonymous said...

hmmm.... don't need another Mahreen army (after my proposed Sang Guard), but who can say no to an all painted army and such a great cause.

Go get your tickets you tight-fisted so and sos....!

Chumbalaya said...

40k for charity, awesome!

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