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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BA/Tyranids FAQ Poll Results

So 59% of you thought the FAQs were pretty good whilst a significant proportion of 74% thought they were average or better, so not too bad. Interesting though that 26% thought the rulings weren't so good or down-right terrible. Let's hear your thoughts here specifically, what would you rather have seen? Also, now that we've all had a little time to use these new rulings in-game, what are people's major thoughts about them? SitW 'nerf' still seems to be pretty major whilst also really kicking Tyranid reserve armies whilst they're down. It'll be interesting to see if GW continues allowing psychic powers to not be stopped whilst they are in a transport...

(yes yes a real post by me is coming today, sorry!).

12 pinkments:

The_King_Elessar said...

Pretty sure it'll be the SitW and Prime rulings get most hate.

Meister_Kai said...

^Those and Hive Commander, I mean seriously, drop Nids was not OP and was actually pretty fun as it caused you to not necessarily get blown away by charging up to a IG parking lot. I don't like the fact that I would have to play shooty with an army that is designed to swarm.

BA stuff is fine, wish they would go ahead and spell out the ruling for POTMS but thats probably allowed too.

Matt Varnish said...

Hmm, maybe next poll, the new WFB erratas.. Ihave major beef with the dwarf one (naturally the army I play)

As a Tyranid player, I like most of it , but the SiTW is a pointless nerf, and there is no reason at all for Primes to not be able to use Spores IMO.

Eltnot said...

Getting cover saves from Doom and Mawloc don't make sense.

Doom not affecting units inside vehicles.

SitW not affecting units inside vehicles.

The above equals GW errata fail. Otherwise it's good.

Ishamael said...

Getting cover saves from things that aren't shooting is strange.

Doom doesn't get to affect units in vehicles. Duh, I had to go on a logic trip on explaining why that didn't work.

SitW not affecting units in vehicles is no psychic stop?

Nerfing drop nids...lame-ass ruling.

Pre-game scout and smoke, then moving and shooting, only to get a cover save in the subsequent opposing shooting phase...utter shit.

Sufficient, but not good.

Borkai said...

Yeah I will be asking for consent to drop a prime with warriors in non tournament settings (prime are warrior leaders, but not with zoeys etc), and the SiTW not effecting guys in vehicles is just stupid, OK your hood will not work unless you are outside your metal box... is that FAIR? The doom syphon giving cover saves is similar to Mind war which also gets cover saves so I can't complain. Another one I don't like is getting cover saves from the Mawloc's deep strike, it only hit 33% anyhow, I was hoping it wouldn't give cover saves. MC bonus on the hit Vs vehicles would make them sweet, but that is simply daydreaming. BORKAI

Raptors8th said...

SitW, Hive commanders, Primes not being able to ride pods ("can only ride in a pod taken by warriors" would make sense), and getting cover from mawlocs (wtf, a giant mouth just appeared in the ground you were standing on, it doesn't matter that you were hiding behind a piece of rubble, YOU'RE STILL GETTING EATEN)

Mostly Mawlocs, that's just totally fucking idiotic, but these are the people who decided that they'd have a tournament where ties were decided by whose army list the judges liked more so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Kirby said...

@Eltnot; DoM was never going to affect units in vehicles unless GW pulled a T5 Wolf Lord on us.

Otherwise agreeing with teh comments here. Personally won't do anything with the WFB updates as I don't play fantasy but pretty sure some other writers on here do so it'd be nice for them to post their thoughts. Give them a nudge or e-mail (I know Puppy & Vinsanity do for example).

VT2 said...

The only thing that bothers me is not being able to put primes in pods.

The_King_Elessar said...

Yeah, but Mind War shouldn't allow Cover Saves either. Oh noes, I tried to blast your mind from the inside, but a squirrel jumped in the way! You live somehow because I didn't have LOS for a fraction of a second!

Raptors8th said...

Doesn't it say something about staring into each others eyes for mind war? That could explain cover.

Myke. said...

I haven't read the BA FAQ, since i don't play them, but the nids FAQ consists of many things that i expected. And some really nonsensical downgrades.

The good (important but expected):
- Combined Weapon Effects, but how about Toxin Sacs, they are no weapon, so still no answer to those.
- No IB test on 1st turn from reserve
- Tyrants no indep. character when joining Guards.
- MC's with wings can deep strike (hmmm... i don't see a reason why not)
- Special characters are considered their base type. e.g. Deathleaper = special Lictor and can therefore finally use the rules described for Lictors.

The bad:
- Hive Commander doesn't stack... Yeah, right. First they give us this new playtype with Spores everywhere, and then they FAQ it to death. Brilliant move GW.
- Spore Mines no assault move. So why can't i place them within 6inch of the enemy if they don't this assault move... Major downgrade for Biovores, which aren't used a lot anyway, but could have been fun at least.
- Lurking Gards need LoS to shoot. Damn.
- Cover Saves against Mawloc -> Serious WTF, not that it bothers me too much, since i don't use them, but that doesn't make sense at all.
- Indep.Char can't deploy in Spores -> Another Serious WTF, but with the Hive Commander downgrade, i sh*t on GW's Spores anyway.
- Cover Saves against D'Malantai. What the hell? Invulnerable saves are the only way of saves that make sense for me. I have the feeling that GW has a mission with Tyranids. Make it as hard as possible for them to kill enemies in cover. Then maybe they'll even buy our stupid Pyrovores...
- SitW and Leech not effecting units in tanks. Since tanks are considered subpar in the 5th edition, it is just logical that psi doesn't effect them. (hear the irony)
- Finally, not too important, but LashWhip goes last against any other initiative abilities of any other race in the whole game.

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