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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Email in: eldar... probably fine but what the heck [1750]

"Heya kirby... Just a little list i conjured up for a 1750 tourney in august... no special characters were allowed, so i couldn't take eldrad. The list's pretty basic, but do you think it'll work without drad? i also had to drop the lances/missiles on serpents to all-shuricannons, but i should be fine with anti-tank i think. Thoughts?

Farseer with Doom and runes of warding
3x 5 Fire Dragons
3x Wave Serpent with twin-linked shuriken cannons and shuriken cannon
3x 5 Dire Avengers
2x Wave Serpent with twin-linked shuriken cannons and shuriken cannon
2x 2 Vypers with scatter laser and shuriken cannon each
2x Fire Prism (no pts for shuricannons here... could drop the scatter lasers on vypers for shuricannons here, or maybe for missiles on serpents... ?)
Falcon with holofields, scatter laser and shuriken cannon

As you can tell, i had to cut down on some stuff to fit it in 1750. I'm not sure i'm happy with it. Thoughts?"

Solid list but the lack of BL worries me. I'd drop the 2x2 Vypers to 3x1 (saving you 70 pts) which is enough for two BL upgrades and you can downgrade the Vypers to 2x Shuricannon to get 30 points extra (i.e. Shuris on the Prisms & maybe Spirit Stones on Falcon or RoWit). The list works fine w/o Eldrad, all I ever use Eldrad for is double fortune T1 and otherwise double Guide + Doom. Do you have pics? And good luck at tourney!

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Eltnot said...

You really need those long range high strength weapons. Mech Tau or another Mech Eldar player will probably eat you up as you struggle to get through their AV12 armour.

Chumbalaya said...

Man, I love that Bonesinger model.

What Kirbs said re: list.

Drathmere said...

that model is incredible!

Kildash said...

hey kirby, thanks for taking a look at my list. I also considered running 3 vypers, but if i run them in one squad i have a feeling i'll lose my major blocking unit in one go... wouldn't it be better to keep them on their own? kill points are not an issue in the tournament, i think, so i think that'd be good, 3 seperate vypers... and yes, scatter-lasers would probably be awesome. No pics yet, as my eldar are still very WIP (at least, this list is). Currently, this list has two serpents painted and as many vypers as necessary (i have 6), one prism, the avengers and the seer, the falcon and that's really about it... the heavy grav-tanks still need bases too, though that's of course just 10 minutes of work and a day's work of drying.

I'll be sure to get some pics up when they're done ^^

Kirby said...

3x1 is seperate squads. 1x3 would be 1 squad of 3 :P. As Eltnot said, the ranged lances would be very benefical to your army so I'd highly consider doing that.

Kildash said...

hey there, thanks for the quick replies... I'm not a fan of bright lances, personally, maybe i could just grab some eldar missile launchers? That'd leave me 30 pts again, 40 if i don't use those other 10 pts for falcon-stones. Maybe take the two shuriken cannons off the prisms and put them on a fourth vyper? Or how else could i use 30/40 pts? Maybe spirit stones and guide on my farseer?

Or do i REALLY need the lances?

The_King_Elessar said...

Afraid you NEED Lances, unless no-one there will have any AV13+. :)

Reliable as Dragons are, you simply can't afford to throw them at any and every threat, because sooner or later they will whiff or die en route.

The SCan on the Prisms are vital too - becoming a 115 point BS4 guided missile that will likely kill itself upon Ramming isn't anything like ideal.

Kildash said...

well then i guess i'm lucky i've already got those modelled on the two serpents that are already painted up and done with, so i don't have to change em ^^

Kirby said...

What TKE said. Whilst it's a slim chance, you need to be able to slow AV13+ (read Land Raiders) at range so you aren't forced to commit your Dragons too early.

Kildash said...

ehm... isn't that what the vypers are for?

Kirby said...

change end of my above sentence to "aren't forced to commit your Dragons or Vypers too early." It gives you flexibility in your game-plan. Yes you can block and melta crap to death but if you're capable on T1 of stopping the Raiders in their tracks, well that utility is worth the extra Vyper essentially.

Kildash said...

true, i guess... all righty guys, i'll go ahead and try the tourney with the ideas you put forward, and we'll see how it goes. Thanks!

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