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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Email in: Few questions about Wayland, and a BA list since I bored [1850]

"Hey again kirby

So I been thinking of buying some stuff from wayland since it so much cheaper than gw. But I had a few questions. First up you brought a bunch of bases to go with your wayland order of nids, so does that mean waylands products don't come with bases o.o??

Second since you also live in aussie land about how long it take to get your stuff after you ordered?

So onto the list, I've been rather interested in the death company lately and kinda want to make a list that they work in. They seem a bit too pricey with jump packs and I'm not really sold on the stormraven. So I've been thinking of running them in a raider, I know nilla marines apparently do dual raider better but raiders sounded better than rhinos.

Reclusiarch - 130
Rides with the death company to make them really nasty on the charge.

Assault termies - 210
3 LC, 2 TH/SS
Land raider redeemer with multi melta - 250
The second raider, undecided about these guys. I do need a second raider and it's a choice between these guys or VV.

Sang priest - 50
Rides with the termies.

Assault squad - 110
Follows the raiders and takes objectives after the dc/termies clear them

Scouts - 85
sniper rifles and a missile launcher
Only really taken to sit on an objective, a bs3 missile launcher is nothing special.

Death company - 215 points
7 members
thunder hammer
3 power swords
Land raider with multi melta - 260 points
So the main reason I'm writing this list, not too sure about the weapons or numbers yet.

Fast attack
Landspeeder typhoon - 90
Landspeeder typhoon - 90

So yeah 4 more S8 shots to help with fire suppression.

Heavy support
Rifledread -120
Rifledread -120
Rifledread -120

So yeah fire support/suppression. Considered dropping them for devastators but I dunno.

So 1850 total but only 10 scoring models? that doesn't seem right. Could drop the typhoons to add more scoring troops but that cuts down on the ranged fire the list has.

So yeah what do you think? I really don't think 10 scoring models is going to cut it, but I'm little worried about losing some of the fire support for the raiders."

Wayland is a great company and the couple times I've bought from them I've had nothing but the best service from them (wouldn't advertise otherwise). They are really helpful via phone and e-mail with any questions you may have as well and get back to you promptly. In regards to shipping 1-3 weeks depending how long it takes them to get stock in. Once they actually had the stock it never took more than a week to get to me. They come with bases (they ship the full GW box) but I use Resin bases for all my models so use varrying different websites for that.

So to the list. You've highlighted the big fudge pot already, your scoring Troops are minimal and not that hard to remove. We need to fix that. And as long as you are aware at <2000 pts and non-Vanilla, the list isn't going to be tip-top. So, we need to grab some more midfield scoring support for the 2x Raiders. You've got 2 decent rocks which are going to carve through whatever they hit transported by decent transports but you need a Crusader. We'll drop the normal LR for a Crusader here. You've got pretty good suppression fire w/Dreads & Typhoons, too so the only thing we really need to fix is the Troops. I might also play around with DC numbers/weapons. Generally having 3s to hit and wound with re-rolls means you will be left out to dry. You can leave it like this or perhaps take a Libby instead to give you Psy defense and roll Unleash Rage as well though.

So let's plunk in some ASM squads and we're going to have them in RBacks to provide more fire support. We've only got 195 points to do this with though which isn't going to be enough so let's drop a Riflemen giving us 315. A minimum sized squad will cost us 130 in an RBack with a meltagun which means we can't get 3 of these unless we hit 2000 and we're 20pts over if we take 2x Lasplas upgrades. So for now I'm suggesting dropping the Reclusiarch for a Libby w/Unleash Rage & whatever else you'd like. It's not as effective as the Reculsiarch but saves you some points and gets you psy defense. We also wnat to try and fit in EA on the raiders... let's look at what we have so we can shave points:

5x Termies (3LC, 2TH) w/LRC w/MM
Sang Priest
2x5xASM w/meltagun w/LasPlasRBack
7xDC w/3PW, 1 TH w/LRR w/MM

Totaling 1835 points. We'll drop a power weapon from the DC and add EA on both the Raiders. To take it to 2000 add in another ASM in RBack. Again, not the best list but you've got your two rocks (one being DC) and at least have decent long ranged and midfield support.

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