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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here we go again...

Well I've had about 9-10 hours sleep but still feel like I've been hit by a truck ^^ but better than yesterday. First impressions of Lords of Terra aren't too bad. Terrain was so-so, some boards had good terrain (first game and 3rd game) and some boards had crap terrain (2nd board; friend also played on one with no terrain). Vince said his terrain was good for all games so a tick in that direction. Games all started and finished mostly on time (I think overall it was a bit late) and everyone got a couple free resin bases so yay for that. Unfortunately a few people didn't show so both Vince & Kyle got free 20 points byes (20 points is max per battle). Vince was able to get a random game in against someone but Kyle had to stand around for 3 hours at the end of the day waiting for us which sucks.

I also didn't take many pics I'm afraid. Blame the fact that my brain switched off around noon (especially after a terrible lunch). I've got most turns from my first game against Ben (great game and great guy, you can see his quote on the top of the page :)), and one pic of game 2 with none from game 3 (I'll try and take a pic of the board today so you can at least have a visual). Game one was against a Mech CSM w/Oblit back-up and looked like it was going to be a draw until my Gants began to overrun Ben's lines and the game went to T7. His army was also pretty nice with some really cool conversions.

An excellent game though. Game two was against Hybrid Eldar (o.O!) but I made two mistakes which allowed two MCs to be shot. I can blame inexperience with this army or sleep deprivation or terrain :P, but they were mistakes. My fire suppression was pretty good that game (as in, my anti-tank was just suppressing his tanks) but around T3 I think, most of my anti-tank fire failed and he was able to get a big leg up and I only spawned 4 Gants when I needed 10+. Props to my opponent (Tim) for using his army correctly with good target priority and once his tanks could shoot, he made the most of them. In hindsight I prob should of moved my 2nd T-Fex a little bit differently but I'll examine that more later in the Bat Report with 1 pic :P.

3rd game was the auto-draw mission with DoW + 2 objectives and I pulled up Loganwing w/Jaws...great (although it had a Vindi!). The army looked fantastic and I wish I got photos (I'll hunt him down today if I can) and outside of Jaws (oh what, my T-Fexes & Tervgions died?), the game was pretty fun and I really got into it about T3 (T1-2 I was off with the faeries trying to stay awake) but by me pushing into his face and my Hive Guard stopping his speeders, he was never going to get to my objective and he put his as far away as possible so I wasn't able to get to it. Table quarters was the secondary objective and worked exactly like normal objectives in 5th but neither of us had been able to clear out a quarter outside of the ones we controlled, so a massive draw!

So 1-1-1, disappointed with Game 2 but that happens sometimes but Games 1 and 3 more than made up for it with their enjoyability though I doubt I can push for any General awards :( (I think I'm about 23ish points behind?). Vince is a bit ahead of me with 2 wins and a loss (1 win = bye) and Kyle is hoping for his first legit win today with 1 win and 2 losses (1 win = bye) =p. Will have more details up on Monday as I'm unlikely to post when I get home tonight. Thanks to BroLo for the articles so far!


9 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Keep it going.

rosvojaska said...

Hopefully we'll get some pics.

Katie Drake said...

We need moar details, Kirbs. I'm especially interested to see this stuff about moving the Tyrannofex. I know you didn't take many pictures of that game, but maybe use Vassal for the visual aids?

Thud said...

Did you say anything? I couldn't hear you over the sound of me buying Guardians, Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees.

Also; pix plz

Kildash said...

Thud... i'm sorry, i DID hear you over the sound of the suckyness of guardians, striking scorpions and banshees... welcome to kirby's blog, read around a bit ^^

Thud said...

I'm not about to actually buy those things. I'm not insane. I was just making fun of Kirby. See my comment in the "We're off to see the Wizard" post. ;)

Stormy said...

Wait - do they sell M-150 over there cos if you have that stuff in shops then you have no sleep problems. No excuses boy, no excuses.

Kirby said...

I have no idea what that is... lol

Pics are coming. I took a lot more on Day2 and we should get full battle reports for Rounds 1, 4 & 5 plus some pics of pretty armies.

Vinsanity said...

Just to clarify, I got 20 points in first round irrespective of the end result but the result was me playing a High Lords player who finished 9th overall in the end and I beat him 19/4 so its not as if I had a bye although I had the option to take the full 20 without a game which I didn't feel right about :D.

So I feel accomplished in that I deserved the 19 or 20 since I had to miss out on most of my lunch (food was poor anyway)!

PS - I came in 7th overall which was really surprising for me :D The 1 point of overall score wouldn't have made a difference in overall rankings ;)

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