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Monday, July 5, 2010

Looks like I will succumb to Nurgle...

Hey all, vinsanity here. So we are about to go on a 10 day cruise and i've come to the realization that I won't be able to finish the Templars in time :( So it's going to have to be most likely my Death Guard army that I take to LoT.

So my task for you all is to give me suggestions on a solid 1750 Death Guard list which to take.

So far, I'm thinking a Winged Prince with warptime and mark, 2 x 7 PM units with 2 Meltas and fist in rhinos with dirge casters, 2 x 7 PM units with 2 PGs and rhinos with havoc launchers, dakka pred with havoc launcher, tri las pred, maybe some oblits...

So that's my situation, help me out and make me a nice list readers!

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Chumbalaya said...

LoT is comptastic right?

For CSM, it's all about the dual Prince, PMs in Rhinos and Oblits. It's not great, but you can't get much better.

Brent said...

Evil Homer from my area had good results with his list a year back. It was the same formula, 2 Nurgle DP's with Warptime, PM's with double Melta Guns in Rhinos with the Havoc Launcher... where he differed was using trip Vindis.

We all know why Oblits are the lead in that spot, but they eat up points quick. He used the Vindis as a cheaper alternative, saving points for more PM's.

I have a picture of his army somewhere on my blog, probably filed under his name.

Good luck!

Kirby said...

Send it to me Brent! :P

As I said in txt msgs Vinsanity, 2x DP w/Wings & Warptime, 2x2 Oblits and PG in RHinos w/MGuns + Havocs is a good start. You can either min-max with the PGs or go for full squads (or both) and then use extra points in either Dreads, Chosen in Rhinos or a dakka Pred.

Please skip the tri-las :P.

AbusePuppy said...

Tri-Las is just a big target, yeah. I'm not a fan of Vindis outside of BA, but Oblits have always seemed super-fragile to me. (Then again, I've only ever shot them with Hive Guard, old-style Venom Cannons, and Railguns, so...)

2x Princes, 3-4x Melta Plagues... Hrm. It needs some longer-ranged firepower, but I seem to recall that CSM Dakka Preds are a fair bit more expensive and Riflemans aren't an option. (I wouldn't bother with Dirge Casters, as they've never impressed, but Havoc Launchers can be useful against squishier armies. They don't solve your fundamental problem of "can't beat mech," though.)

The_King_Elessar said...

Screw Two Princes, one hit wonders!

Take Kharn instead. Are you really going to be Comp-hit more for Kharn than a prince/two? Kharn can hide in Rhinos, and can kill anything a prince can, usually quicker/better. Sure, he can't take TH/SS...but neither can a Prince.

AbusePuppy said...

Princes' advantages are toughness (with Warptime, they're very hard to hurt), speed (Rhinos not being assault vehicles hurts the most), and reliability (Princes can fight alongside a squad more easily, hit/wound more often).

Kharn isn't bad if you've got the right army to back him, though, he's just not all that amazing, either. He _is_ a monster when he's in CC, but he tends to get shot to death or chopped up by "real" CC units (i.e. things with better Ini or invulns.)

If you're worried about comp, Kharn + Friends makes a decent alternative to one of your Princes.

Anonymous said...

At 1750, I'd probably go with

2x Prince - wings, nurgle, warptime
2x Dread - MM (or ML/TL Autos)
3x 5 PM - 2 MG, Rhino, Dozer
3x 3 Oblits

To me, that's about the best CSM list possible.

Kirby said...

What GWvsJohn said is pretty spot on but I know Vinsanity doesn't want to use more than 4 Oblits (don't think he has more than 4) so I'd replace one squad with a Dakka Pred and maybe add Havocs onto the Rhinos with spare points.

If he's worried about comp + running a CSM list, good list will come of it :P.

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