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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lords of Terra: Looking back

Well now all the Battle Reports are done and I've had a few days to reflect upon the tournament let's see if my feelings are the same *self-analysis ensuing.* Yup. Great weekend and lots of fun with only the comp scene (which I knew going in) and my painting score being the major negatives. Unfortunately some individuals on wargamerAU didn't like my thoughts and my apparent tone. So let's set the field straight in case you couldn't read it the twenty other times it's been said:

I enjoyed Lords of Terra.

I'm sorry if this means I cannot point out where I think changes should be made or where it fell short (because there is a thread dedicated to this on wargamerAU and nearly all of my points have been made there by others) on a blog with an apparently negative tone. I've stated multiple times I enjoyed it and didn't have significant issues with the gameplay or the way it was run. There are some things I'd like to see done better next time and that's how functions like this improve.

If I'm able to go back next year, I'd love to and I'd encourage others to. The atmosphere during gaming was generally awesome and I had some great games, times and memories (with pics to boot!). Whilst a few individual's negative reaction to my comments has somewhat soured the afterglow of having a great weekend, meh there's always those type of individuals. So again, thank you to the organisers and other players for making it a great weekend and a special thanks to the individuals who read my posts from wargamerAU (and my regular readers..can't forget you greedy monsters) and understood them from the perspective of someone who had a great time, thought there could be some improvements and was not raging.

Now back to our regular programing and less YTTH-ness (sorry Stelek, you really have become to butt of all e-drama haven't you :P?).

8 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Poor WargamerAUtards have sand in their vaginas, fuck 'em.

fester said...

What Chumby said.

Vinsanity said...

Hehe good call Chumb :P

One guy said I was gloating at beating Jules, fucking yeah right. I was making the distinction between my first round game where I got points and a bye, similar to the one Kyle had in R3. So ,,I,, :D

And Willy, it sounds like a confession at AA or something when you say 'I enjoyed LoT' :D

My name is William and I enjoyed Lords of Terra. *Gasps ensue* :D

Kirby said...

haha. or better yet:

My name is William and I'm a gamer who enjoys comp.

*deaths ensue*

Eltnot said...

Well hopefully HLoT or LoT will be on my list of tournaments to attend next year.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

AbusePuppy said...

>My name is William and I'm a gamer who enjoys comp.


Borkai said...

I was looking at the high lords results, and Kirb mentioned Denis posts here, Has anyone got a link to his army list. Also the other 2 top finishing CSM's lists also intrigue me.

Kirby said...

Where you live Eltnot?

@Borkai; I'll ask him. There are pics of his army somewhere too but off the top of my head had 2x3 HG, 3x Venomthropes, 2x Tervigons and assorted stuff.

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