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Thursday, July 8, 2010

NBA Free Agency!

Quick post whilst I reply to things and write up my next post. Looks like C.Bosh and D.Wade are heading to Miami which is a shame. I'd of loved both of them or Wade alone in Chicago which means they have to settle for Boozer. This helps their offense a lot but Taj Gibson is still a better defensive player and rebounder so hopefully Boozer can mesh in with the system on the defensive end. Bulls still need a legit 2 since they let Hinrich go. Amare going to New York was a very odd move and I'm suprised the Suns didn't try and get D. Lee in a sign and trade (not sure if that was even possible?) as they now have a really weak front line. Bet they'll still surprise people though and do well.

Still waiting on the Lebron sweepstakes who should really stay in Cleveland or go to Chicago (hell or Miami now). Still thinking Jamison for the Cavs was a boo-boo.

Go Blazers! lol

2 pinkments:

Anonymous said...

LeBron to the Knicks. It's the only move that makes sense. I also see a possible Lee to the Spurs/Parker to the Knicks sign and trade.

Kirby said...

I can't see Parker leaving the Spurs though with Pop loving on Hill (who doesn't), Lee would be a great assest to help T.Duncan as he fades and shore up the Spurs for a couple of years as they re-build (can't see them competing for a championship again atm after being swept by Suns).

Lebron to Knicks would make sense, too. Do they still have T-Mac on contract? If he could accept 3rd fiddle and a huge paycut that would be something to watch even if he was half-way decent (think Grant Hill with the Suns atm). I doubt his ego can take it though.

Hope the big GO has a good season! Can't believe the Blazers got rid of Martel and are actively shopping Rudy. Rudy yes, Martel no :(.

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