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Friday, July 23, 2010

Progress Shots of Tyranids

Well BroLo has been demanding these for a here are some pics of my Tyranid army atm. The pics are crappy quality thanks to the lighting and me not fiddling with camera and I haven't done the touch-ups yet on the HG. So 'fully completed' we have roughly 20 gants, T-Fex, Tervigon, Tyrant, 4 Hive Guard and Tyrant Guard with 2 Hive Guard & 3 Raveners just needing detailing and they're finished (seen on table). The other T-Fex & Tervigon are getting their green coats currently and have already been inked so just need to dry brush and detail them and then I've only got gants left... I've done all the 60mm and 40mm bases and 40 of the 25mm bases minus the snow so I'm getting there. Oh hey, the tournament is on Saturday... hopefully I can get around 40 gants done nicely but will have to settle for really basic ones for the latter part. This was a pretty good experiment in speed painting for me I guess. I'll go back to these models at a later stage and really make them look nice but they are what I'd call well above table top quality atm and took me...1/3 of the time I'd normally take. At least now I'll have an army to take places!

So here are the pics in no particular order, sorry again about crap quality!

16 pinkments:

Dethtron said...

'nids are one of my favorite speed painting armies. something about the sculpts take really well to inks and washes, making doing many more extra steps almost uneccessary.

Anonymous said...

Looking mighty fine Kirbster! You'd never guess it was a rush job and they'll look superb on the table together!

My only (minor) criticism is some of the black resin base showing beneath the rock/wasteland. It may be because they've been placed on a black case, but just looks a little odd.

Anyways, good luck with the last few gribblies!

Kuolema said...

Looking pretty good but I do agree with bro-lo on the bases, maybe paint them gray or something if you have time??
Also after the tournie you thought about maybe cutting off the back legs from your T-fex and having only talons for legs?? Personally I think that would look awesome. But they are T6 W6 MC so maybe they shouldn't look too spidery.

Meister_Kai said...

I think the T-Fex idea sounds awesome, IF you put one more set of talons on the dudders.

I really like the look of it so far, and I think its sad that there is an old red/brown model watching from the sidelines :(

Anonymous said...

If it just has talons how will it walk on soft ground?

Come on guys, get your bunny hats on!

VT2 said...

Somedays, I wish I could see well enough to paint something.

They use the power of magnetism to walk on soft ground with their talons.

Kuolema said...

Ummm same way a spider-looking-bug-that-isn't-really-a-spider walks on water???

Or cover the soft ground with nid corpses then charcoal them with the pyrovores so they are black and crispy and no longer soft =D? Pyrovores have a use after all o=

Anonymous said...

We won't even go into hydrogen-bonding and the surface tension of water (that'll be saved for a separate post :P), but let's say a big, fat heavy bug can't walk on Kirbeh's snow! At least his winter marines will be in with a chance of a victory with the T'Fex out of action.

Pyrovores FTW!

Kuolema said...

Hmmm stab a couple of grunts with the talons and use them to spread the weight so there isn't all the pressure put on the tip of the talons?? =D

Seriously thou, ever watched the second starwars movie? I'm guessing would be something like the green guy if you have enough legs.

Eltnot said...

Do you have problems with the Hive Guard falling over much? By the looks of things they look like they could do with 60mm bases instead of 40mm ones.

Kirby said...

Thanks for comments guys. In regards to the bases, they resin is grey not black o.O! I didn't dry brush the recessed bits of the bases it's true as more often than not my paint brush can't access it, so just inked it black.

But BroLo, we must educate these peoples on water tension and how great the hydrogen bonding of H2O is. I mean, boiling @ 100C?! awesome!

@Eltnot; only one is a bit iffy as I place his back foot too far forward. Everyone else has their back foot near the back edge of the base so the majority of the model hangs over the base. It's still not perfect but not hugely annoying.

Kuolema said...

Lol I did study chemistry so I do understand water tension =P
But this is 40k, chemistry doesn't exist =P

Venerable said...

Science geeks.
Go home.
Nice Nids dude.

Kirby said...

Apparently my Minis weren't based properly... right. Didn't get a good paint score for having some unpainted models (fine), so-so bases (pardon?), not much shading, etc. (pardon?), unit markings hard to see (fine) and my Tyrant "not standing out." Mildly annoyed as the effort that went into some of the MCs like the Tervigons & T-Fexes was extensive and I had to point this out to the paint judge and there was plenty of shading, highlighting and drybrushing, that's all I really did =/.

Got a lot of compliments on my T-Fexes & Tervigons though! :).

Anonymous said...

I smell a Dick Move! I'd have punched tool in the ball! And yes he does only have one as he sounds like a nazi, an I suspect is other is in the Albert Hall!

I think they look awesome and that's all that matters!

Agama said... got screwed on your score.

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