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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Warmachine: Want some?

Just a quick post.

I'm currently expanding my wargaming repertoire and going to dabble in a bit of fantasy and a bit of Warmachine/Hordes. Kirby seems to have the lock-down on Fantasy so I thought I may be able to offer-up some articles on Warmachine. I fell in love with the models when I saw them. They have a superb range and the miniatures themselves are of great quality. I bought the Cygnar battleforce (ssshhh... don't tell Stelek) a little while back for something to play basic games with, but they've unfortunately just sat on the shelf. I've just purchased the full rulebook (you can get the basic rules online and in the box-sets (cool huh?)) and am going to go balls-deep!

I'm writing to ask, would anybody like to join the ride of learning Warmachine? Or has the fantasy release stolen your hobby interests for now? Should 3++ stay Games Workshop orientated? Too many questions!

You chose. Let me know!

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Chumbalaya said...

I'll join you Brolo. There's a vassal mod for Warmachine, so that should make playtesting cheap and easy.

Khador FTW

Auretious Taak said...

I have every issue of No Quarter up to about 24, so missing the past year of updates. Mercs for me (when there were a few casters and they were never an official faction) at heart but have a huge Cygnar army (100 odd points in MkII and just shy of that in Cryx - wanting to trade them the Cryx that is though looking primarily for Rogue Trader Space Marine metals and a Dreadnought or two from the same period). Don't have the money for the new rule book yet. I would love to get back into the game though, there is aparently quite a solid group in Sydney near me, Burwood Good Games play on Thursday nights a dozen+ gamers and also I have some old friends who play solidly and on Vassal as well.

My answer: I hope you have a pair Loring as I'm gonna rip you a new one! :D

Zheilt said...

I vote YES! on Warmachine content. I'm just getting into the game myself (Hordes, actually, but it's all the same) and am having a rather difficult time tracking down decent resources.

@Taak: Do you have anything up for trade besides Cryx? My now unused Space Marine army pretty much consists entirely of "Rogue Trader Space Marine metals and a Dreadnought or two from the same period".

Auretious Taak said...

Zheilt, short answer is yes, long answer: I cleaned my room and have shed loads of stuff I will trade just not catalogued through yet. Hop on Vassal 40k right now, talk there directly. By Rogue Trader metals, I mean 1st edition 40k space marines, I have just shy of a 1750pt tournament army of models from the 80's and very early 90's (scored 2 of the first space marine land speeders a few months back, stripped to bare metal :D) and am looking to complete it and fill out from there. I might be persuaded to trade some of my excess Cygnar stuff. Best way to contact me is on my email address of:

I'll scrounge a camera off kirby to get pics but yeah. Where abouts in the world are you from?



BJ said...

I just started into Warmachine/Hordes and I am loving it so I would love to see it discussed on more blogs!

Buzzer said...

I'm going to give a big thumbs up to adding Warmachine and Hordes content. I just started the game myself and it would be nice to see some more info from a new players point of view.

Kirby said...

I won't be starting it :P, but anything that makes you post more and expands the reader base BroLo! (and the Pink Army seems to approve...).

Brother Loring said...

Well screw you Kirby! Me, Chumby, AT, Zheilt, BJ, Buzzer et al are the new black.

Okay.. like I said this is going to be from an absolute beginner level, so hopefully you guys can add - I'm especially looking at you Taak with your posting rights and Chumby with your own blog! I'll go over the rule book a couple of times, then get some posts flowing!

I'm very much up for some Vassal WarmaHordes. So all you non-Vassalers... get involved!

Kirby said...

if you teacher me the

Extirpation said...

lead on you daring man....lead on...

Auretious Taak said...

When i get the money for the Rule Book. I'd love to go Minion's when they get their own Forces book after all the other Hordes Factions are done though. :D

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