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Friday, August 20, 2010

Email in: Eldar Advice Request

"Hi there, I've recently picked up a large Eldar army from a friend and have been spending the past week or so perusing all sorts of online forums as to what works and what doesn't in a competitive environment. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any information as to the performance of a list similar to what I would really like to play. Having played mech/gunline in the past with guard, marines (spikey and non), and orks, I was hoping to play a slightly different taste with Eldar. One of the things that first drew me to eldar was, obviously, the Aspect Warriors, specifically the CC oriented options.

Before this email turns into TL;DR, what I was hoping for was a recommendation (or ten) as to how to successfully play Eldar in a CC competitive setting. As a side note, Footdar seemed like it fit best due to Falcons/Serpents being the opposite of a good transport for CC troops.

I appreciate any help you could give me with this! :-)"

Recommendation to field CC Eldar? Don't. That's the blunt truth of it, Eldar have some good or decent cc units on paper by their army just doesn't do combat very well. Scorpions/Banshees have their own individual weaknesses but across the board Eldar have rear hatch transports with no assault ramps. If you really want to field a combat oriented Eldar army, don't expect it tobe competitive. You could potentiall run double Bike Councils backed up by Shining Spears for lol combat but that's a huge amount of points and your anti-tank is going to be meh. The other option is footdar as you said, specifically Elfzilla. Footdar suffers heavily against mech though and Eldar assault units aren't the disgusting hammers TH/SS Termies are. You're going to assaultsomething and then likely die from counter-fire/assaults. This style of list also doesn't use aspects as Harlequins are better assault units (S4, rending FTW) and Wraithlords are better fire support than Reapers (which isn't saying much).

Again really, wrong type of army to do with Eldar if you actually want a good list which can compete. If you don't want a good list... well let me know what Aspects you like and we can try and work something out. I feel your pain as I love Scorpions & Spears & Spiders, etc. but the Eldar army is really limited in choice atm I'm afraid.

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Chumbalaya said...

Eldar are too limited to deviate from their good build (MSU mech shooty lolrides).

Dual council is fun, but psychic defense fucks you over royally.

Eltnot said...

Their CC units are generally best used to deal with specific threats to the army. An army focused around them is as others have said, is fail on a competitive level.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to use my pictures of my stuff on your blog (the Exarch shown) then it would be polite if you could at least credit it.

Kirby said...

The picture is linked.

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