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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Email in: Need help seeing past my choices. Escalation tourney starts Tuesday 8/17!

"A little back story. I bought many pieces back when I was in high school and had "disposable" income. Now, well now I have a wife and a kid, and my money is not my money, get it? The two lists (brazen I know...) are made with most everything I own. I tried to make the best I could, but I'm having a hard time seeing past my choices. Can you help?

List #1:
Honor Guard: Jump Packs, Flamer, Blood Champ, Power Weapon, Chapter Banner, Sanguinary Novitiate
Ras x5: PFist, Melta, Rhino, EA Dozer, HK
Ras x5: PFist, Melta, Rhino, EA Dozer, HK
DC x5: Bolters, Rhino, EA, Dozer
DC Dread: Magna-grapple, HF (old Dread, can't remove this...)
Sanguinary Priests x2: Power Weapon x2
Devistators x5: ML x4

Total: 1850 (by my count)

List #2:
Chaos Lord: DWeapon, Wings, MoN
PM x5: PFist, Melta, Icon, Rhino, Havoc Launcher, EA, Dozer
PM x5: PFist, Melta, Icon, Rhino, Havoc Launcher, EA, Dozer
Raptor x5: Flamer, Icon of Khorne, PWpn, MB
Chosen x5: 4x Pwpn, Melta
Dread: HF, EA
Havoc x5: ML x4
Lessor Demons x5
Lessor Demons x5
Greater Demon

NM x5: Sonic Blasters x5, Power Weapon, Rhino, EA, Dozer
Zerkers x5: Power Weapon, Rhino, EA, Dozer

Total: 1850-ish (I think I'm under a few points...)

So there you have it. I'm not going to win any 'Ard boys, but I'm just trying to see if i have something of a coherent list between these two.

Thank you for reading this."

Well Kristopher, neither is great I'm afraid as they are both all over the place. The BA list would be easiest to fix I think by bumping squad numbers (i.e. DC & ASM) and perhaps getting access to cheap Dreadnought from the AoBR set. For the tourny though, I'd still go with the BA list and work on upping your ASM numbers so your scoring units are a bit more solid. A bit of conversion work on the CSM models (like Chosen) can help with this if you're willing to cross models over armies. With that in mind how much would you be willing to spend to 'upgrade' the BA list and we'll see what we can come up with. The cheapest options IMO are as I said above, bump the DC/ASM numbers and add some fire support Dreads off ebay and depending on the rules for the tourny, you should be able to evolve your list over the tourny period.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention this in the email: Both lists are using the same models, so I can't "cross over" the chosen into the BA army.

I have models to upgrade both ASM squads to 10 men, and as far as money goes, I could spend only about $50 USD.

Are a second (or third) Dreadnought really the best way to go?

What do you think of either A) Making the DC into Jump DC with attached Lemartes or B) Making them into SG (since I already have Dante?)

Kirby said...

Ah, damn re model swap :P.

If you have the models to upgrade to 10xASM I would highly recommend that. 10x ASM w/2x meltagun + PFist sarge. Your Rhinos don't need EA either so that'll save us some points in the end.

50 bucks could prob net you 2-3 Dreads if you shop right. I can get a rifleman dread for about 15-20AUD depending how quickly I need them. So for your first game in the tourny I imagine you wouldn't be able to get them but if you're allowed to update your list throughout you could. Buy a AoBR Dread off e-bay and Imperial Guard autocannons from a bitz store off e-bay as well (or swap with a friend). I'd try and magnetise these as well if possible.

Not a fan of A. DC counter Rage by being in the Rhino and whilst Lemartes is pretty good, Jump Packs make them way over priced and subject to being led around by the nose. B is an option though but not sure you need Dante in the list. I'd either go with Dante & Meph.

Assuming you can get the Dread though, this is what you could have as a base:

2x10xASM w/2xmeltagun, PFist sarge, Rhino w/HK
5xDC w/Rhino w/HK + Chaplain
DC Dread w/grapple & HF
2x Rifleman Dread
2x Priests w/PW

And that's 1480 points. So you could add in the Honor Guard and hide them behind the Rhinos + Dante as well since you're ona budget which should take you close to 1850. Might be able to grab some bits to give the Honor Guard some meltaguns, too?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sounds really good. Thank you for all your help Kirby.

AbusePuppy said...

Lemartes is huge in DC, I've found. Unlike a Chappy he can't be picked out and you can lay a wound on him to bump his Strength and Attacks up to pretty ridiculous levels. He costs a bit more, but his stat and rule upgrades are pretty worth it.

Kirb's skeleton there is pretty good. I would try to field a couple more vehicles in there, as only having three Rhino hulls feels really vulnerable to me, but not sure how much you wanna invest.

TMiles001 said...

The other advantage of Lemartes is he is full DC, so he gets FC and FNP without needing a priest, and also gets the rerolls to wound from his own Liturgies of Blood. Try and give him a wound from shooting, and he'll throw out 7x S6 PW Attacks at I7 with full rerolls on the charge!! Scary...

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