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Monday, August 30, 2010

Email in: WOLVES IN SPACE (B-movie music) [1500]

"Yollo, Wysten here. I'm a reltively new player who is currently educating myself about Warhammer 40,000 and I enjoy the articles you guys put up immensely. I have to say it's almost made a imperial guard and Tau general out of me. ^^

Well, almost. I am a huge fan of the space wolves for successfully conbinuing the two most awesome themes, Si-Fi and fantisy, their background quite inspires me, from the the gods of acicent Sagas being dreadnorts with earthshattering weaponry, the hero's with immense tales of conquest against beasts and deamons in a very hostile univerce and the guts to tell the imperial empire where to stick their dogma! I also like how they play on the table, so I really like to know whether I am doing things right with this list.

Rune Priest:
Living Lightning and Tempest Wraith
Choser of the Slain

Rune Priest:
Living Lighting and Murderious Hurricane
Wolf Talismen

10 Grey Hunters
Meltagun X2
Banner of Wolf

10 Grey Hunters
Plasma Gun X 2
Banner of Wolf

5 Grey Hunters

Fast attack
4 Thunder Wolf
1 Hammer

3 Thunder Wolf
1 Hammer

Heavy Support
Long Fangs 6
Missles 5

Long Fangs 6
Missles 5

Long Fangs 6
Missles 3
Plasma Cannon 2


I imagine 2 Rune Priests is just too many, 1 Grey Hunter pack is heavily undermained and is mainly going to sit on objective and that the Thunder Wolves is not a good enough reason to foot slog everything. Just I could really do with a second opinon on whether I am going in the right direction with this? Should I get stormsheilds for a Thunderwolf to absorb the anti tank fire? I imagine points above that would be just to put more hunters out and perhaps a foot slogging wolf guard?

I thank you for the time spent reading this. ^^

PS: Sorry about the spelling errors, just this is a pretty new laptop and it does not have mircosoft word on it."

A foot style list like this is possible with SW but a few minor issues (note also a Hybrid list is probably better). Plasma isn't really needed. You've got great anti-infantry in your assault units and Missile launchers but you do have trouble against AV14 so more melta is needed. Your army also has pretty meh Leadership outside of the Priests & Fangs. So some changes are dropping the plasma in place of missile launchers on the Fangs and meltaguns for the Grey Hunters. I'd also try and squeeze in some Wolf Guard for the GH squads and combat weapons for the GH squads & Wolf Guard such as power weapons & mark of the wulfens.

Here's a counter proposal:

Rune Priest x2 w/Chooser (same powers as above)
3x Wolf Guard w/combi-melta, power weapon
5x GH w/flamer
2x 10x GH w/power weapon, mark of the wulfen, Standard, 2x melta
2x 3x TW w/PFist
3x 5x LF w/4x ML

Leaving you at 1479 points. You've lost a Thunderwolf and a couple of LF but you've gained some support in combat for your TW and still have impressive ML fire. Not the most potent of lists (a hybrid would be better but this can be brought into the equation as you scale your list up) but effective at what it does. You need to be careful about high level AV though as you have minimal mobile melta.

5 pinkments:

Behemoth said...

Heres my suggestion:

10 man GH, 2 Meltaguns, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino
10 man GH, 2 Meltaguns, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino
5 man GH, flamer, Las/plas Razorback
3 Thunderwolves, 1 reg, 1 SS, 1 TH
3 Thunderwolves, 1 red, 1 SS, 1 TH
6 Long Fangs 5 ML
6 Long Fangs 5 ML
6 Long Fangs 5 ML

VT2 said...

Wolves can actually do foot, since they get scouts, scoring terminators, and cavalry.

Kirby said...

And cheap missile support. Foot SW is based around TWC though and I think having only 2 squads doesn't cut it.

@Behemoth, solid beside the 3 tanks. They are going to be shot to pieces before they can actually do anything so aren't really worth the points. Better to get more TWC or units.

Rawr said...

Hey Kirby,

you mention hybrid SW lists alot, but whats an actual example of a SW hybrid list and how does it work.


Kirby said...

Check under army compilation link, there should be a TWC Hybrid list.

I will endeavour to do a lengthy post on it soon though since everyone seems to be appreciating the list extra more lately (*cough* NOVA).

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