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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starcraft 2

So I've had this game for a while but haven't written anything about it. If you liked Starcraft, you should like Starcraft 2. If you didn't, well nothing is going to change. Whilst the graphics engine has been re-worked significantly and there are a whole bunch of new tactics, unit options, startegies, etc. the game play is exactly the same with a much bigger focus on overall macro, scouting and countering than individual micro. Unlike Warcraft III there is no huge leap from it's predecessor. That being said, its predecessor was pretty rock solid.

The storyline is pretty meh as most computer gamers are want to be. It's not terrible but nothing fantastic and the graphics in most of the cut-scenes annoy me to no end. If you're going to detail the hair and clothing, make sure it moves. Any movement is better than none. That being said, the real cinematics are jaw dropping good, usual Blizzard awesomeness. The in-game physics and new dynamics are also pretty nifty in regards to making battles prettier whilst not freaking out slow computers and the achievements system is a nice way to aspire to some crazy shenanigans (meatgrinder = lol).

All in all a great game to play online and with friends but again, very similar to the original. Was it worth the decade wait? Not really but it will certainly provide hours of entertainment as needed :P.

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Evil-Termite said...

How would you compare Dawn of War + expansions to StarCraft II?

After playing Dawn of War + expansions for years a friend of mine had me play StarCraft I with him and it was slow and boring due to needing to wait several minutes building SCVs, buildings, enough units to actually do something... Such a slower pace then Dawn of War.

So the speed of play is what I'm really curious about. How many minutes do I have to wait before I can start fighting in the thick of it?

VT2 said...

Starcraft 2 is stuck in the 1990's.
Dawn of war is a modern, fast game, that rewards offense more than it does defense.

It takes about 20 minutes before you can start playing the match, but being in the thick of it means your units will die, and then it takes 10 more minutes before you can play again.

Matt Varnish said...

@VT2 I dunno about that, as a Zerg player, I usually have a Nydus into the enemy gatherer line by minute 10. Thats pretty "in the thick of it" for pvp.

I barely played sc1, and when at a friend's place, he showed me some of the campaign, which is great, but what intrigued me to start was the Challenge missions. Then we did some co-ops, and I tried my hand at pvp, but got wrecked early on (Darn reapers jumping over cliffs...)

Ive already played way more of sc2 than sc1, and I love it, its great playing for playing with your friends, and if you are super competitive, you can see how far up the various leagues you can get.

After playing this game and seeing the balance achieved, going back to 40k was frankly a bit of a letdown..

Kirby said...

DoWI is very similar and more my cup of tea. I always found DoWII tactics for me to be very evasive and I'd just run around capturing main points whilst delaying my opponent. Different game styles. DoW/SC/WC/TotalWar/etc were all your standard RTS and bring different things to the table whilst DoW2 is kind of a 'new' version of RTS. Base-building is slow but is a huge part of most RTS. A good base build can win games in DoW/SC/WC.

Daniel said...

Starcraft 2 was so good, that I uninstalled it and started playing Dawn of War again.

GMSN said...

Agree with what others have said. After playing DoW going back to base building was just dull. I haven't even touched online play since finishing the single player. Here's hoping Diablo 3 will be much better and not take as nearly as long to complete (though it's beginning to look like WoW-lite)

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