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Friday, August 20, 2010

Tyrannofex Poll Results

This finished a while ago and we are already quite a ways into our NOVA Open poll but let's take a quick peek at the results for the T-Fex poll on it's usefulness:

A quick look shows us 149 people voted which is decently impressive but only 14% voted against the Tyrannofex being a useful Heavy Support choice. In what was essentially a two-item'd questionnaire (positive or negative) there is an overwhelming significant result in favor of the Tyrannofex. Whilst this poll has a small sample size and is unlikely to have the best sampling procedures being a pro-competitive blog (although significant traffic from Warseer & BoLS might help mitigate this), the results certainly support what was portrayed in the Tyrannofex Analysis post: the T-Fex is a very valuable asset to a Tyranid army. Let's recap:

  • T6/W6/2+ = very survivable & screening potential
  • S10 gun (Heavy 2, BS3) at 48" range = reliable ranged anti-tank which Tyranids lack
  • 265 points = expensive
  • 5" blast & template = awesome utility against infantry
  • MC status = I get into combat and poke you
Again, the biggest boon for the Tyrannofex is being able to provide for the Tyranid army with extra T6 wounds (with a 2+ save to boot, that's HARD to take down people), ranged anti-tank so the horde can advance and start whacking you in CC where the T-Fex can help out who is also a very good anti-infantry platform and can protect the army with his 2+ save against quite a few armies. Yes it's expensive but it does so much for the army, particularly in reliable suppression that it is a good choice.

Once it again it seems like the few nay-sayers have louder voices on forums as they refuse to back down from their point of view. T-Fexes FTW.

7 pinkments:

rosvojaska said...

The only bad thing about the T-fex is the price and honestly, it's not THAT bad.

Ishamael said...

:< Looks like I missed the poll. A couple guys and myself are the only lads where I am that advocate the long range fire of the Tyrannofex. Otherwise, my Tau don't really care what support the opponent has, with the exception of my Crisis Suits hating Hive Guard. ID sucks.


Zheilt said...

What people don't tend to realize about the T-Fex is that you don't sit them on your back line and shoot stuff the whole game. If this is all you plan to do with them, then yes they're a terrible waste of points.

Their single greatest strength is being an MC and everything that means. Start them on the flanks somewhere with decent side shots and MARCH them towards the enemy the whole game. Nobody wants to waste shooting at them with W6, T6, and 2+ but they are an undeniable threat and will likely be granting cover saves to the rest of your army. What do Zoans do? Pop a tank or two and immediately die a horrible death, all the while stealing elite slots from your main anti tank (Hive Guard) and support (Deathleaper/Venomthrope) units.

Bah. Whatever. Just go read Purg's recent article on YTTH. He explains it much better than I could.

#2501 said...

Personally, I always though the only bad thing about the T-Fex was its lackluster BS 3. It's inconsistent with the rest of the anti-armor units in the book (Hive Guard, Zoans) and, for that matter, with the 'Nid design philosophy of "specialized units for specialized tasks". For that matter why do Mawlocs and Canirfexes, by all rights specialized melee units, only have WS 3?

AbusePuppy said...

:( Because GW hates giving out high numbers to anyone who isn't Space Marines, I guess.

Carnifexes really should have been WS4 or had some kind of option there- rerolls from Talons really aren't enough. Still better than the old 'Fex at combat, though.

BS3 on the T-Fex was probably just the default choice- looking at the T-Fex's other guns, I'm not sure they expected it to be even vaguely popular. I mean, seriously, two of the most useless selections from the IG arsenal, downgraded? Thanks. :\ (To be fair, Hellhounds aren't bad, they just have competition from too many good options.)

Kirby said...

Imagine if T-Fexes could have the Rupture Cannon and a thorax swarm like the Hellhound...oooo :).

Raptor1313 said...

It's the only anti-tank you get in the 'nid book over 24"; it's not going to die against shooting unless the enemy went for SW/SM Lascannon Spam; and it doesn't require a reserves roll and luck against psychic hoods to have a chance at killing heavy armor.

Honestly, it's a solid choice in the bug book, and the MC status means it's good to the last drop. There's none of this "Well, he blew the railgun off my hammerhead..." crap.

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