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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Email in: My 2k Dakka Dakka list [IG]

"Hey Kirby,

I finally settled on this list for Dakka Dakka, let me know what you think (though I'll only get your comments after the tourney lol).

A few notes; the Eradicator is there as a bounce wound for the Demolisher, since bonus points for most expensive unit surviving, but also since I'm expecting a few horde lists - thus adding yet another blast template to kill off those orcs/nids/eldar. I was going to run another Vendetta, but I've just realised I can't find the stand for it... so the eradicator got a look in instead. I'm annoyed that I can't run it seperately. I thought about 2x medusas in one squad and the eradicator/demolisher in the other two slots, but I really like the manticores, and figure they'll do better in this particular tourney than the medusas.

My Lord I normally run differently but I thought just in case, I'd better take this equipment, since technically my Lord doesn't meet WYSIWYG requirements. For my Lord model if I have to I'll run my acolyte marine I've painted up.

If I had more points I'd take more flamers (or meltas) in the troops; but they are basically there to make the Valk/Ven scoring, and the junior will order incoming on themselves for the home objective every turn for a 2+ cover save.

Witch Hunters:

- Inquistor Lord with Divine Pronouncement, Psychic hood, 3x Familiar, Bolt Pistol and Frag Grenade

- Callidus Assassin
Imperial Guard:

- Primaris Psyker

- Psyker Battle Squad (6 Psykers), in Chimera

- Psyker Battle Squad (6 Psykers), in Chimera

- Veteran Squad with 3x Melta, in Chimera

- Veteran Squad with 3x Melta, in Chimera

- Junior Command Squad

- 1st Troop Squad, with Flamer

- 2nd Troop Squad

- Valkyrie with Multiple Rocket Pods and Heavy Bolters

- Vendetta with Heavy Bolters

- Leman Russ Squadron with Demolisher/Lascannon/Plasma Cannon, and Eradicator/Heavy Bolter

- Manticore

- Manticore"

I've put this e-mail up early as the tournament is soon, poor guy... Anyway, it's an alright IG list but there are holes. The double Russ squadron is a good idea except you should do it with an Executioner and fob off hits onto the LRBT. Here a LRBT would of been more beneficial than the Eradicator and the Executioner certainly a better buy than the Demo since you chucked Cannon sponsons on it anyway. Hull heavy flamers as well but I imagine that might be a WYSIWYG issue.

The Vendetta/Valks should be Lascannon Vendettas as well. 3x TL-lascannons on a scout, fast skimmer platform which can score and carry melta veltas? Way better than HB Vendetta or Valk, though Valks have uses as anti-infantry. The Primaris Psyker is also a bit meh and the Inq Lord would be much better with mystics for anti-deepstrikes. I'm not a huge fan of the Callidus + PBS combo because it's...well a combo which often don't work in 40k (I'll get to your e-mail on that later). The PBS/Vets/Manticores are all solid picks obviously but the Infantry platoons need guns, even if they are going in the gunships, there are times when they don't need to and guns would be useful.

That being said I'd say more Chimeras are needed to form a midfield presence. All up you've only got 10 vehicles which for 2k IG is meh. A lot of points sunk into stuff you don't really need. If you can change any of that up before the tourney, I'd do so. Otherwise goodluck and let us know how you go.

Shame I can't go :(. 

3 pinkments:

Auretious Taak said...

I believe that's Jasonc's army for reference guys. I know Alex aka ArchonCryx (TO of Leviathan, Cryx Cup and Lords of Terra in Sydney every year) was running an eldar list with Eldrad and a 9 or 10 jetlock council and a few odds and ends, strong but not horrendously broken.

For myself, I couldn't go, too little sleep combined with feeling like utter shit and verge of vomitting all over the place = don't go to a tournament which would have been fun. I was gonna run my 2,000 point version of my Legion of the Damned 5/5 Comp Tourney army. Yeah, 5/5 comp in an environment where most lists should average a 0/5 and many more should be below that on the aussies scale, lol. Chumbalaya knows how damned resilient the army can be though, that Daemons Game was epic considering it made it to Turn 6! :D

Oh well, hopefully I can get to the September one you keep harping on about Kirby.

Kirby said...

Thesis & missus > 40k unfortunately :(.

Auretious Taak said...

Is anyone else not able to access the Vassal servers at all today? Keeps error'ing on me. :(

Kirby, we need to play each other man.

If I heard right Jason above won his first two games and lost the 3rd against ArchonCryx's Eldar thus giving ArchoonCryx the overall win of the tourney. Prety cool considering he doesn't play Eldar usually. :p

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