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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mordheim Part II - Dwarvies and also Beastmen Raiders!

Alrighty, so after Taak grilled my last Dawi warband, I changed it up a bit to include some of the better Dwarf things, namely Gromril hammers and a suit of Gromril armour.

I still don't like the idea of only starting with 3 guys and having lots of weapons and armour in the vault, and then simply voluntarily routing the first few games. Perhaps its just me, but I like to have a balance in my warband. Taaks idea of 3 guys and banking with armour and weapons would seem to me, the unbalanced approach to starting a warband. In order to progress, they will start out fairly imbalanced, having only 3 guys and not full heroes, like I suggested. You will have to tank a few early games but then the warband will be tough with armour and nice weapons. So anywho, here is my updated Dawi warband:

Noble - Gromril Armour, Gromril Hammer, Dagger, Shield
Engineer - Crossbow, Hammer, Dagger
Slayer - Gromril Hammer, Dagger
Slayer - Gromril Hammer, Dagger
Thunderer - Crossbow
Thunderer - Crossbow

Total Rating: 76
GC: 500 on the dot

So the noble is nice now, more armour and a gromril hammer for teh fightingz. The Engy and thunderers for some xbow shots and the slayers with gromril hammers to intercept any attackers and protect the shooters. Much better than the previous list imo.

Anywho, the second part of the post: Beastmen Raiders warband

Beastmen, tough guys with little to no armour and dual hammers. Fairly easy :D. Fairly fast with M5 and the hounds add some fast punch too. Taak will probs have a different view of how to start them but this is how I did them with some success :D Took a spear on the centigor with the gold left...

Anywho, here is my warband for Beastmen:

Chieftain - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger
Shaman - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger
Bestigor - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger
Bestigor - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger
Centigor - Hammer, Spear, Dagger
Gor - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger
Gor - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger
Gor - Hammer, Hammer, Dagger

Total Rating: 115
GC - 500 on the dot.

5 heroes is nice, the spear on the Centi is nice, the Warhounds patrolling with the centi is nice too :D Lots of hammers to take guys OOA and toughness 4 and lots of bodies to take the brunt of the beating. M5 means the warband can close in fairly quickly and M8 and 7 on centi and hounds respectively means they can hit faster and with Str 4 on the hounds and the centi, they can do some damage quickly.

Taak would probably start with more Gors and less hounds to begin with since hounds get no exp and this is also quite a nice warband. I just like the hounds for their combo with the centi.

Anywho, thats it from me, what say you pinkies?

2 pinkments:

Kirby said...

It would all make so much more sense if I knew Mordheim :P.

Auretious Taak said...

You start off with 4 heroes, i start off with 3, moreover you start off in the 2nd tier of warband members 4-6 for the trader so sell your wrydstone at slightly less then me. Dwarves get an extra wrydstone each battle always even if all the heroes get wiped out that game so in many ways that's the equivalent of a 4th hero for a normal warband (Possessed who many times start with less then their full 5 starting heroes anyone?). Throw in underdog experience for having a warband with a rating of like 55 to start (you might even get underdog experience from your first game, but you will get it) and thus getting much better early core skills development then the other warbands out there and you are now starting to look quite pretty when you expand the numbers and 3 guys suddenly have a 3+ save as standard (Gromril Armour+Shield - if using some of the house rules out there +1 save for hand weapon+shield makes your guys a nutter in combat, they already are but even so). You take a single guy knocked out of action and voluntarily route and you're doing uite well especially with the Dwarves resilience to the injury table and your massively increased odds of surviving (just re-roll death and multiple injuries (not the result for multiple injuries the actual D6 roll for what it does in terms of injuries and then re-roll them, pretty sure you can do that still) and you have one mad baller of a warband. It's not for the faint hearted but if you are of such faint persuasion stop playing Mordheim, it's not the game for you.

Ahhh, 361 days later I grace you with a response.

I am THAT awesome Vince!

Have an awesome day,


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