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Monday, September 27, 2010

New Dark Eldar

Well I know it’s late but guess what, easy post for me on my arrival back home ^^. In case some of you have been living under a rock, Dark Eldar re finally being re-released. Their last whole codex release was sometime in 1998 and although they’ve had a couple tweaks since then, these bad assed pointy ears have basically been ignored by Games Workshop for the past decade. Cue sad music. I once had an army of these guys and sold them long ago, not being a fan of their model range and having moved. With their new minis which look bloody amazing, my pocket book will be very tempted to come out and purchase some new minis.

Here are some pictures in case you haven’t seen them yet and whilst there are rumours on play-style and rules currently, I won’t speculate until I get my hands on my own grubby copy! One would imagine DE would still emphasise MSU which 5th edition has moved towards with a large amount of fast skimmers which can hit hard but don’t have the survivability of most tanks in the game. Hopefully GW won’t nerf their flexibility with their FAQ but a whole new army for us to explore is exciting (maybe the BA e-mails will die down now…).

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Kris said...

How many people really enjoy painting that many edge highlights though? :P

Dezzo said...

many codex hoppers will be disappointed that the models do not come with all those ridiculous freehand motifs.

but they are codex hoppers so i think they don't give a shit anyways.

then again, its my policy to not indulge in any new book that doesn't have a FAQ.

VT2 said...

If you're smart, you won't touch the models until GW releases an FAQ, and you won't even buy a physical copy until that time, either.

They play like they've always been meant to play, but are now capable of executing things.
Still paper defenses, still guys on flying kites.

Scribbles said...

The Gamers are running out of run-on jokes.

Dark Eldar are getting released.

Duke Nukem Forever is being released.

What do we have left? You know, other than the virginity thing. XD

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Obviously painted by Eavy Metal dudes, but perhaps the models are even better than the Craftworld range....
which, imo, makes them the most handsome of all GWs miniatures.

The minis, even back when they were released, were ugly. Sorry if that offends people. They were nothing on the Marines at the time and a poor way to usher in a new race.

These ones, GOHOLLY! This is the way to usher in a race. I think they'll be much more successful this time around.

I am sure people didn't play them for the sake of the bad minis. Those people will play them.
The guys who have always played them will be back.
Fresh guys who never liked them will play them.
Imo, this will set a precedent for how GW does non-Marines, which can only be good for the hobby.
Some WarmaHordes guys will come back as the pH level is not so Marineic

Things are looking good imo :D

SneakyDan said...

Was priveledged enough to see some of the minis in pure home photo format, prior to now. As in bare plastic. And fuck me they are hot. Hot hot hot. I hate Dark Eldar, and i will probably still buy some.

Jon said...

@Scribbles: Squats. Although they're less of an "eventually" and more of a "oh god, no".

I was going to say Chaos Dwarfs, but look at the warhammer forge!

And yes, they look so good that even though my flatmate has been a DE player since their launch and I might pick up a sprue or two.

Dezzo said...

VT2 said...
"Still paper defenses, still guys on flying kites."

There is a reason why max-ed out # of Long Fangs with Heavy Bolters or Missile Launchers are godly. ;-)

eathos said...

well as a 12 year Dark Eldar vet, its nice to see a refresh, i didn't mind the models before, just easy to avoid the bad ones as there rules were crap. All i hope is that the rules for most units make putting those models on the table. From what I've seen of the rules its going to be a bit of a mixed bag, going to need to rework my army, and with the trend i'm seeing of things costing more, i'm going to be outnumbered on the table more than i used to be.

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