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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Fantasy Blog

I got this e-mail in this morning about back scratching (there's a damn itch right...there...).

"Hello folks at 3++. I'm going to assume kirby. Sorry for using the hotmail address. My business email doesn't seem to be letting me log in.

Anyway, on to the matter at hand. I'm starting out a cute little WHFB blog, and was wondering if I could put a link to this site up on it, if in return I can get an honourable mention? Of course, only if you think my blog is worthy of it. It's not much at the moment, but I did just start yesterday. I'm not the most tech savvy (as in I can't write html for loving or money), so it wont be as fancy frills as 3++, but I prefer a more spartan approach anyway. No offense but enough 3++ and you will sear your eyes. Anyway, here's my blog if you're at all interested; Skavenblight

It's 8th edition oriented, but I will be discussing 40k on it as well, as I'm an avid Space Wolves, Tyranid and (soon to be) Tau player.

Kudos for the love of parenthesis."

My HTML knowledge sucks as well and 3++ does not sear the eyes! (wo)Man up! Blogger is good with easy to add gadgets, etc.

Anyway, Skavenblight has only a couple of posts so far but Archnomad seems to have a good grasp of 8th edition so far and doesn't spout the crap Warseer, etc. does. So for those with a Skaven fetish this might be a good place to check out in the future with my sparodic Fantasy posting currently ^^.

P.S. I'm super busy atm so hopefully guest authors can still keep 'churning' stuff around :). Assignment due tomorrow and thesis work is mounting up. Data is cleaned and ready to goooo!

1 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Aww, I thought I would beat you to it.

Good stuff Archy has going on. Only thing I'd suggest is changing the color to be more Skaveny. Green is best after all.

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