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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Codex Orks Review: Part 8, Army Lists. The Green Tide

Well, we move onto the interweb's favourite whipping boy army. The Green Tide.

Why is this so?
The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. P 8

Well, its simple really. You have a metric crapton (1 crapton = 4 sh!tloads) of models to push around, none of which really hurt too much, and are flamerbait.

However, the irony here is that for some reason, across the planet, this army list still works.
So, let's analyse the core of a Green Tide.

Simply put:

Warboss, standard kit
180 (6 x 30) Boys with Nob (PK, Bosspole) and 3 Rokkits
Your choice of Shoota/Slugga, but you would be mad not to go with Shootas.
This leaves you with about 50points to play with @ 1750, and thus 300 points @ 2000.
Fill as you see fit.

So, to paraphrase for those who might not know.
A Green Tide is exactly that. A horde of boys so large you wash over your opponent and they can't do anything to stop it.

Let's anaylse this:

fester's Ork List Building Methodology
This list totally negates any value your opponent has in anti-tank. A meltagun has the same effect on an Ork in this army as a bolt pistol. Your opponent came to beat RazorSpam? Guess what, you are a leg-up already.

You deploy, well, wherever you can. You just need to make the bodies fit.
Then, this is pretty simple. You push up, getting RSI from moving so many models. You throw dice at your opponent, praying for 5+ on the Rokkit shots, and hope you tear open a transport.
You bring your Warboss to take on any AV14 monsters, and you just plonk on objectives, as nobody much will be able to shift you without a concerted effort.

You have to paint 12,471,102 Orks.
You have no mobility.
You auto-lose to a competent general.

How do I defeat a Green Tide
For starters, you make them go first.
Then you fully refuse flank them (as they have to spread out, there is no other way to deploy that many models). You focus on the closest squad until it breaks, dies, or charges you. You multi-counter-multicharge it until its dead, rinse and repeat.

How not to defeat the Green Tide
1. Run away shooting. They will catch you.
2. Tank shock with a rhino then flamer 8 Orks. That is NOT ENOUGH DAMAGE.
3. Just laugh off the army. You will get beaten if you don't actually pay attention.

So you want to run a Green Tide
1. Get your head checked by a medical professional.

Ok ok, seriously, let's try bring out a quasi-feasible Green Tide themed list.

Warboss, PK, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Bosspole
Big Mek, KFF

14 Kommandos + Snikrot, 2 Burnas
13 Kommandos + Nob (PK, Bosspole), 2 Burnas

6 x 19 boys + Nob (PK, Bosspole), 2 Rokkits

Warboss attaches to Snikrot's squad and outflanks, as does the other Kommando Squad
The Kommandos are there to force your opponent to deploy towards the centre, where your boys will have a chance to catch them.
You push up, shooting, and praying for Snikrot and the Warboss to do their jobs, namely taking out the backfield.
The 120 boys, while not as good as 180, are still reasonably difficult to deal with for most armies.

Others will have different theories on how to run it, but that's basically how I have done it in the past.
You can swap the Kommando's out for long range firepower, but messing with your opponent's deployment is probably more useful in this case.

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