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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Email in: It's DiscipleofYawgmoth [1850 IG]

"Alright Kirby,

I know that for a while I've tried to have fun lists, fluffy lists, haha lists, and spare part lists. I'm going to still have those, but the point is I need an army ready for Adepticon and ready to go. I've decided to take my Harakoni Warhawk Imperial Guard. Now, the list is still moldable so I can get a hold of suggest models. Please help me as much as you can. The list is 1850 and so far here's what I have:

CCS w/Krak nades, Medic, 3x Plasmagun, Astropath, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera w/ML/HB
5x Storm Troopers w/2x meltaguns
PCS w/4x Nade launchers
3x Infantry Platoons w/Nade launcher
2x 10x Vets w/3x meltagun, Demolitins, Chimera w/ML/HB
2x Hellhounds
2x Vendettas
2x Manticores
Thanks again for everything and your time again.
Heavy Support and Fast Attack get a nice big tick from me but the Troops, Elites and HQ are a bit fiddly so we can work with that. First, why Grenade Launchers? Sniper rifles/autocannons (or lascannons) are much better for an infantry blob as you can chuck out shots whilst protecting your vehicles. I'd want to swap those weapons around there and probably give that squad a Commisar so you can have Ld9 stubborn. Marbo and Storm Troopers are fine but I'd add in a 2nd squad of Storm Troopers to get some more reliable disruption going. Meltavets are also fine but you don't really have anything which wants to jump into the Vendettas and your CCS is very expensive with the Medic, 2 officers and mass plasma guns.
So I think what needs to happen is you need to decide a bit more in what you want the list to do. You've got the awesome killing power of manticores, disruptive ability of Vendettas + vets, Storm Troopers and Marbo backed up by a couple chimeras and Hellhounds with a big infantry blob. The infantry blob sticks out for me here. In this list you don't have a huge amount of tanks you want to protect with a bubble-wrap. If you replaced the Vendettas with say Scout Sentienls and the Storm Troopers with PBS in Chimeras and added some Hydras, the infantry blob would be a bigger advantage but atm I feel the infantry blob can be cut back a bit (2 squads?) to just protect the Manticores. Cutting back on the upgrades for the CCS and PCS you should be able to afford two cheap meltavet units which can ride in the Valks as well and perhaps afford another Chimera for your PCS to ride in. This would give you more armor running up the middle of the table whilst still protecting your tanks with the infantry bubble.
See what changes there you like and what points you hit (I imagine it would be closer to 2000 than 1850 :() and we can see what further changes we can make. Or if you would rather go with no infantry blob or focus on the infantry blob we can go with some different changes!
Oh also, all the Manticore & Chimera hulls should take heavy flamers. Helps a ton with hordes.

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