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Friday, October 15, 2010

Email in: Storm of Storms part 2

hi mate

thanks for the advice on how i can use storms in a decent list. i see it didnt go down too well with the pink army, but what the hell does teh interwebs know anyway...

anywho, in my sickeningly limited free time, ive had a bit of a fiddle with the list and settled on a list at 1.75 and 2k (1.75 cos my local group is afraid of higher points games... damn uk standard...)
the models are collected, just waiting for a splash of paint to make them look like an army. pics will follow as requested, and if i ever get to go to a tourney this is what im taking:


"4+ is the new black"

Master of the Forge w Conversion Beamer: 120pts

5 Scout Squad w Combimelta, Meltabombs, Fist: 115pts
5 Scout Squad w Combimelta, Meltabombs, Fist: 115pts
5 Scout Squad w Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher: 85pts
5 Scout Squad w Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher: 85pts
5 Scout Squad w Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher: 85pts

Storm w HFlamer: 60pts
Storm w HFlamer: 60pts
2 Typhoons: 180pts

Rifleman: 125pts
Rifleman: 125pts
Rifleman: 125pts

10 Terminators w 2x Cyclone, 2x Chainfist: 470pts

for the 2k, the typhoons get dropped for a third storm/scout squad and i'll add in another two riflemen for the lulz.

anything else weird/wonderfull i could shoehorn in? i was aiming for more of a fun list rather than the "metal coffin" marine lists you usually see... is 5 dreads too much or does the inclusion of all those scouts bring it down to a more acceptable level?

cheers mate, keep thinking outside the box


ps: i bet vt2 has kittens if he sees this...

This is the original for those keeping track.
Well, I think it definitely a viable list, if a whole lot of unorthodox. fester, unorthodox. Really?
I am still not sure it will be effective, what I am fairly sure of is that it will be fun.
In fact, I am not sure it will be as effective as the original list. It seems to lack some punch.

For my money, I would want the 15 terminators, and would do whatever it took to get them. As they clock in at about 230 points, you need to find those points somewhere.

The other issue is the storms need to be multi\meltas. This is so that you can (try) open a transport and get your scouts into the contents. You really have no way to deal with heavy armour, apart from meltabombs and 2 lucky combi-melta shots. As an Orks player, I can tell you how good Powerfists aren't versus vehicles, especially not with all-but no attacks per model.

Now I suppose there are only 3 things left to say.

1. Pics please :)
2. 4+ is the new black? I'm not sure Kirbs will like that lol. We already had to defend Goatboy's Poison is the new Black.
3. I wonder what VT2's kittens look like?

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