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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Email in: Space Marine Dual Landraider

"Hey Kirby,

The other day I sent you an email about running terminators in a Blood Angel Army. You mentioned that Vanilla Marines do it better, I have been poking around your site, but haven't found any info on that. Would you mind sending me a link of where that is at?



I don't think I've actually got a dual LR list on here so I'm going to set it down in this post for you Ashton (and everyone else). THe main reason the BA double Termie list doesn't do as well as the Vanilla one is support. BA have less overall support because they have to pay a premimum on their tanks to make them go fast and BA Termies also want Sang Priests for the awesome FNP/FC bubble. So let's take a really quick look at SM Double Raider.

We'll start with a Libby w/Null & Gate, 10 TH/SS Terminators, dedicated LRC w/MM, EA and Heavy Support LRR w/EA. This uses up 1040 points. We'll add in some fire support with two Dakka Dreads (250) and two Dakka Preds (170) leaving us with 550 points to spend. Two tactical squads w/flamer/MM/Rhino would chew most of that up and leave just enough points for two MM/HF speeders. When you compare this to a BA Double Raider list, you've got more fire support and more midfield presence and although you lack FNP/FC on your Termies, you've got Null Zone. So here's the list in full (and there are other variants, this is just a basic template):

HQ -
Librarian w/Null Zone and Gate of Infinity

Elites -
Dreadnought w/2x TL-autocannons
Dreadnought w/2x TL-autocannons
10x TH/SS Terminators w/LRC w/Multi-melta, extra armor

Troops -
10x Tactical Marines w/flamer, multi-melta, Rhino
10x Tactical Marines w/flamer, multi-melta, Rhino

Fast Attack -
Land Speeder w/Heavy flamer, multi-melta
Land Speeder w/Heavy flamer, multi-melta

Heavy Support -
Predator w/Heavy Bolter sponsons
Predator w/Heavy Bolter sponsons
Land Raider Redeemer w/extra armor

Totals: 2000 points
10 tanks
31 infantry

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