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Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st and 10th, The Storm of Storms

Email, well PM in (sent to Kirby, who handballed it to me)
hi mate, having to send you this on here as for some reason my work interwebs doesnt like your blog...
you might remember me from all the threads on warseer about marine tac squads, and after absorbing all your wisdom (and gwvsjohns) on the subject, im having a severe lack of inspiration when it comes to one of my favorite marine models, the land speeder storm. probably due to working too much, possibly due to the uncontrolable urge to run mm/hf speeders at every opportunity

i know scouts are pretty sucky, but its just so... shiny and cool. there must be a competative list out there using three storms and fist/combimelta scouts. ive run a couple of ideas past the crew on warseer and not had much joy aside from an infiltrating hammer termie shrike suggestion.

if you could help me out with a few ideas, it would be a great help. these models are just too nice to hand around on the shelf.

cheers mate


Kirby's response in the chatango thingy was "anyway pringles, short answer is: they suck. Hard to make a top notch list let alone a good list with storm + scouts. think that covered everything? lol" - spelling mistakes and all. Spelling errors?

Now, standard warning. This is a fester idea, and is a little ... crazy.

First of all, Scout Spam makes me think 10th Company.
What's everyone's favourite thing ?
1st and 10th. You heard me.

2000 Pts - The Storm of Storms

1 Space Marine Librarian
     Null Zone; Quickening; Terminator
     Armour; Force Weapon; Psyker
1 Master of the Forge

Yes, that's right, World's fastest McGuyver in Terminator Armor and a MotF. That means only one thing doesn't it...


10 Terminator Squad
    Cyclone Missile Ln.   (x2)
5 Terminator Squad
   Cyclone Missile Ln.
1 Dreadnought
    TL Autocannon; TL Autocannon

Right, so 3 Cyclone Missile Launchers and a Rifleman.


5 Scout Squad
    Sniper Rifles
5 Scout Squad
    4x CC, Sarge with Power Weapon and MeltaBombs and Combi-Melta
5 Scout Squad
    4x CC, Sarge with Power Weapon and MeltaBombs and Combi-Melta
5 Scout Squad
    4x CC, Sarge with Power Weapon and MeltaBombs and Combi-Melta

Fast Attack:

1 Land Speeder Storm
1 Land Speeder Storm
1 Land Speeder Storm

Heavy Support:
1 Dreadnought
    TL Autocannon; TL Autocannon
1 Dreadnought
    TL Autocannon; TL Autocannon
1 Dreadnought
    TL Autocannon; TL Autocannon

Models in Army: 44

Total Army Cost: 2000

Right, so theory.

Lots of Dakka. LOTS of Dakka.
The Terminators, though not Assault Termies are there to be the beat stick and support the Landspeeder Scouts. Split the 10 man squad into 2CML + 3, 5 basics.  Depending on the enemy, try for a first turn charge with the Meltabombs on a choice target (shooting the multi-meltas from the storms too). Otherwise, get stuck into those Long Fangs or support troops hiding in the woods. The Scout's job is to tie up enemy forces long enough for your shooting to take effect.
Your firebase is 4 Riflemans and 3 CMLs. Thats the backfield.
Your midfield is the 3 CMLs if required, and the fleeing Storms.
Other than that, stay outta their way while you try and pour fire into them.

Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

Oh, and VT2, I think I broke your golden "must have Sternguard" rule. I break this rule often.

5 pinkments:

Brent said...

Gawd, I love 1st and 10th builds! I've been kicking that one back and forth, along with IC Dread lists, with Goatboy via email, trying to decide on next year's build.

Ultimately it got dropped but I have to admit, I still want to do it!

SneakyDan said...

Drop two dreads back to multi melta with p fist. Bit more midfield threat, and more reliable than the scout squads for popping armor. Gives you spare points for a Beamer and a bike too I think :)

fester said...

Then just do it!
I think its going to be a more finess style list than a traditional beat-face marine list, but if you wanted another head to bounce off, my list building skills aren't amazing, but I look for theme and try to build to it, while still trying to stick to the balance rules.

The other thing I was tossing up was dropping the 5 man Termie squad, cutting the Libby over to a Biker Captain and putting in a Command Squad on Bike

The MotF can be dropped out completely then and you can put in auto-las predators in the HS slots, and another rifleman in the Elites.

This will make it a much tougher list, but will lose some of the 1st and 10th flavour.

VT2 said...

This is a fail concept.

You can make something workable if you add Shrike, replace the storms with scoutbikes, and throw in an assault terminator unit.

You're theming, so allowed to break the golden rule of sternguard =P

Chumbalaya said...

I get that it has dakka and it does look nice considering the theme, but the Scouts just don't do it for me.

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