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Saturday, November 6, 2010

fester's Crazy Ideas: More Imperial Guard

So after the rousing response my last IG post had, I thought I had better give this another shot.

*background to the idea*
This morning I was reading my blogroll and saw this and the comment which mentioned a Legio Cybernetica Robot. This then led to me response, with one of my favourite fluff-titans, the Knight Titan... a one-man super Sential, for lack of a better term, mounting a Battlecannon...
This reminded me of this: Walker Predators and Whirlwinds!
You know what would be cool? An entire IG legion built on this idea. Maybe make them Turned IG to make it all fun... Which means I can do this!

My Vendetta is cooler than yours!

So, to round this is, lets do Chaos Guardsman and a slab of crazy servitor types.

Primaris Psyker

4 x MeltaVets
Infantry Platoon - PCS, Power Weapon, Commissar Power Weapon, 3 Line squads with Power Weapon (blob of crazies)

Fast Attack
Vendettas with Lotsa Lascannons (2,1,1)

Heavy Support
4 Leman Russ's, Battlecannon, Hull Flamer

The infantry platoon could be 25% IG parts, 25% Necron, 25% Ghouls, and 25% Fantasy humans. Basically mutated techno-humans.
The Leman Russ's could be part LRBT, part Defiler. Idea 1, Idea 2, Idea 3, more of Idea 3
The Vendettas are going to be Hellblades.
Finally, the MeltaVets could be either moderately unaffected humans, or something crazier - half-Daemon's, mid-mutation Guardsman.

So, probably not the most competitive list, but I never claimed to be an IG expert... and if they are painted up in a scheme like the Hellbade above, would look amazing!

Oh, and if Forgeworld is out of your hip-pocket reach, don't google "paperhammer hellblade", as that wont show you how to build one out of cardboard. No, I said DON'T. Damn children don't listen to me Kirby! DON'T. Gah!

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