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Friday, November 5, 2010

Email in: Wolfwing

"Hey Kirby,

I'm not sure if you're the go to guy for this, but I have a Wolfwing army that's in need of some help.

Here it is:

Logan Grimnar
Njal Stormcaller

4 Wolf Guard: pair LC, 2 combi-meltas, TH & SS, Drop Pod (Logan goes here)
5 Wolf Guard: pair LC, 2 combi-meltas, LC & Heavy Flamer, Arjac, Drop Pod
5 Wolf Guard: 2 combi-meltas, LC & Assault Cannon
5 Wolf Guard: 2 combi-meltas, LC & Assault Cannon
5 Wolf Guard: 2 combi-meltas, LC & Assault Cannon
I know foot slogging isn't the best idea in 5th ed. but I wanted to replace my sad Deathwing with something that had more options. Also winning isn't my only concern, I love terminators and want to pack as many of them on the table as possible. By that same token I have a few Land Raider and Dreadnoughts that I wouldn't be opposed to putting in but I really want to stay away from fast attack and standard marines. I guess the question is, what would 3++ do to make this list more viable?

Rich (Goresmack)

P.S. Good luck with your e-drama."
What e-drama? ^^. 
There's nothing wrong with foot lists as long as you build them right. Mobile firepower and/or quick assault units are essential. This is why Tyranids, BA Jumpers, Vanilla Bikers, TWC, etc. all work. Loganwing also works but it's important to not spend too many points on TDA, you don't need 30 walking and shoot terminators. Deathwing has that and it doesn't work. You also don't need drop pods, when you do hand out TDA you've got mobile firepower from CMLs and although you have early issues with AV14, Logan can hand out tank hunters if required or combi-meltas can work later (you can always run a sac pod with combi-meltas if you'd like but not necessary). 

So it comes down to how many Terminators do you want to use? The less TDA armor you buy the more options you can get like Long Fangs or extra Wolf Guard but taking pure TDA isn't going to lead to a top-notch list (not sure if you want this though?). More info in that regards can help in relation to tweaking your list.

However, if you want to maintain pure Terminators I'd remove Njal and Arjac and make the heavy weapons Cyclone Missile Launchers on the non-Pod units. This gives you the essentially mobility you need and you should be able to add in another Wolf Guard unit by dropping Njal. If you want to run a Priest in TDA you can also do that  but Njal post-FAQ isn't as good when you don't get the first turn since two of his powers don't work. Arjac is just very expensive and doesn't add too much; more bodies or upgrades across the army would be better overall. I'd avoid double Claws as well and perhaps run a couple more SS on each unit to suck up AP1/2 hits (put Claws/Chainfists on these guys too). A couple extra combi-meltas would be good as well.

Anyway, if you want a more competitive list (but less Terminators overall), let me know and we can build a list accomodating this. Otherwise the above changes (mainly dropping Arjac, Njal and adding CML instead of ACs) are probably the best improvements for this list whilst keeping to your theme.

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