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Monday, December 13, 2010

3++ needs your help (again)

Well it's been over a year since 3++ started and we still have a crappy banner. A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) I asked a friend who's an excellent drawer to do me up a banner. It's been nearly 10 months since then and I'm going to admit defeat and assume it's not coming. Now MasterDarkSol was awesome enough to make up the little 3++ banner I demand people take everywhere with them (seen at the top of this post) but I think it's time for a proper banner as part of the 3++ header instead of the blue bar with 3++ and the Atheist A (who knows how many people that's offended) and white text. me?

I'm fail at photoshop (and taking photos if you haven't noticed) so I need your assistance with this :). I'll let you guys run amok if you wish in what you want in it but obviously the blog title, sub-title and PINK would be nice; and having a color palette which fits with the 3++ theme (creams and a light blue are nice). I know my friend was doing a hand-drawn Kirby in a Space Marine helment holding a halbred like weapon (I'll see if I can scan the weapon in at least...) with a bunch of my favorite models hand-drawn around him (like Sanguinary Guard, Striking Scorpions, Crisis Suits, etc.) but I don't expect something that busy! And I'm rambling... basically creative license is given lol.

It would be greatly appreciated and if there are a bunch of good entries a poll/competition might be in order (...fester, handle prize support?). Don't do one on this basis though as that's a but I'd of thought your own art-work adorning 3++ would of been a prize in itself. Right?

Anyway, have at ye!

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