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Monday, December 13, 2010

Email in: A bit of a challenge [Fluffy Khorne]

"Dear Kirby,

Having been an avid reader of your blog for the last 4 months or so I have found that I have learned so much from the articles posted. (particularly the ones by VT2) I though I would throw you some parenthesis to keep you interested.
Being much more a hobbyist than a gamer I often find myself having trouble coming up with lists. In the same way that a musician becomes proficient by playing his scales I have found that I learn a ton about a given army by playing a well thought out list.
This is where I hope that you will lend your advice. I wish to compose a decently fluffy Khorne list with the models that I currently have. I hope that you do not mind a challenge!

Kharn the Betrayer
Chaos Lord with a power/daemon weapon and a plasma pistol
Daemon Prince with wings
Dreadnought (CCW, AC, HB, PlasCannon)
Dreadnought (CCW, AC, MM)
Terminators x 8 (HFlamer, ReaperAC, 3 combimelta, all others have pw)
30 Berserkers (3 w/ PF + plasma pistol)
8 CSM (Mok, Melta x2)
3 Rhinos
Fast Attack
8 Bikes (Champ w/ PF)

There you have it. I have no clue where to start in terms of a competitive/ fluffy list. If that even exists. I really do not want to have to find 9 obliterators and 20 Plague Marines. Any input you have would be greatly appreciated; I am not above switching out weapons and such or picking up one or two things.
Thank you for your time,

A competitive fluffy Khorne list doesn't exist I'm afraid; that's the blunt facts :(. However, let's see what we can do with this list. We're going to have to pick up some models for heavy support (either Preds or Oblits, up to you) because Chaos and Khorne in particular because of Beserkers, have real anti-tank issues. Chaos' best anti-tank is in HSupport and we need to use that. For the moment we'll say we've got 2x2 Oblits in our Heavy Support. I'm also going to assume 1750 points as I didn't read a point level you were interested in. Can change as needed if this isn't what you wanted.

Going from there, Kharn is a great HQ. He's just awesome in combat and is even reliable at taking down vehicles so he's a shoe-in. We're obviously going to be using Beserkers, too. Two squads should be sufficient and we'll give each a Rhino for mobility and a Powerfist so they don't get smashed in combat by MCs/Dreads and have some minor ability against tanks in combat. However, these guys are basically torrent combat units, just like BA ASM. Unlike BA ASM, they aren't easily spammable, can't split squads, rely on a Rhino for transport, etc. so cannot really swarm good CC units. They are excellent at getting rid of anything without a good save or which ignore saves but throw them at TH/SS at don't expect to win. We're still low on anti-tank and have only two tanks in our list currently so time to add some more. You've got one more Rhino and two Dreads available to you so we're going to use them all. Two Dreads with MM/HF provides combat support to the Dreads and some more anti-tank and cover busting. You've got Termies which we will use as our final Elites so the extra Rhino should go to providing more scoring and melta. We'll take a full squad of CSM with two meltas and a Rhino. You've only got 8 models but count two Beserkers as CSM should be fine. Just glare at your opponents and scream Blood for Me! until they acquiesce.

This is going to be a bit of an issue with scoring as two of our squads are running into combat and our third is running forward so those squads can actually get into combat with something we want. We also don't currently have a place for Kharn... We'll come to that later. We said before we'll be using the last Elite slot for Terminators as you've got several. We'll go for a 4-5 man squad with Reaper autocannon for more firepower and 3 combi-meltas for the drop option.

Let's add up and see where we are at...1590 points (or 1550 with Preds). So we've got enough points for one or two more squads. If I recall my Chaos fluff correctly, Oblits aren't exactly common? So for now we'll go with 2 ACLC Preds instead (also cheaper to buy) so we've got 200 points to play with. First we'll drop a Zerker so Kharn can fit in. I'd rather have him in the CSM squad but then we don't get double melta. If you're up for buying another Rhino to go with the Preds, you can fit him in there with a small CSM squad (i.e. objective holders) but for now we'll do this. We have the points for another Predator if we are so inclined and then buying Marks of Khrone and some Daemons but that's another thing to buy so we'll use the models available. A 4-man Bike squad w/2 meltaguns gives us much needed melta (expensive though) so we'll take them. Unfortunately it's too expensive to get two squads of these guys so we'll add Marks of Khrone for the fluff to everything else and then upgrades on the Rhinos.

And this leaves us with...

2x Dreadnought w/MM, HF
5x Terminators w/Reaper AC, 3x combi-meltas
10x CSM w/MoK, 2x melta, Rhino w/Havoc Launcher
10x Zerkers w/Champ, PFist, Rhino w/combi-melta
9x Zerkers w/Champ, PFist, Rhino w/combi-melta
4x Bikes w/2x meltagun
2x Predator w/Lascannon sponsons

Totals: 1746 points
7 tanks
35 infantry
4 bikes

Again, not a great list but not terrible either whilst sticking as closely as possible to a full Khorne list. I know you might have to convert a Dread somewhat, buy the Preds and potentially pick up some meltaguns for the Bikes but shouldn't be too expensive.

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