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Friday, December 31, 2010

Email in: Flesh Tearers - is it possible to make a 1500-point competitive Seth build?

"Hi Kirby

In response to my previous request for a competitive 1500-point Flesh Tearers build, you suggested that a Bloodhammer army was the way to go. I love this army and will be taking a variation on it to a doubles tournament in February. Will let you know how I get on, if I remember!

However, I was curious if you could come up with a 1500-point Flesh Tearers army which features Gabriel Seth? It is such a shame that our Chapter Master has no access to a jump pack! In light of this what is the best way to field Seth? In a Dread/Drop list? Immo-spam? Full Mech? Hybrid?


PS I have attached an image of one of my own Flesh Tearers - hope you like!"

Nice looking mini Mercury! Seth really does have issues lacking a jump pack otherwise he'd make a great combat HQ addition to the army for Jumpers. Although he doesn't bring anything to the table other than looking great and combat ability, well he's cool :P. This is the real issue when it comes to competitive armies with him; what does he bring besides combat presence and cool factor? Irregardless, using him is done best in a Hybrid, Drop Dread or Stomraven list as it's easy to find a ride for him. You could even put him in a Drop Pod in a Blood Hammer list and call it Seth Hammer... Pure Jumpers is out obvioulsy due to the lack of a Jump Pack whilst Flamestorm armies revolve around lots of MSU with a bunch of guns perfect for anti-tank and anti-infantry and basically ignores combat as much as possible. Full mech is an option if one were running lots of large ASM squads in Rhinos but that's a sub-par choice I think in what you could do with the Blood Angels book and whilst there is some merit in it, it is again primarily a shooting list.

Hybrid and Stormraven lists however generally have some combat elements to them which Seth can support and there are rides for him to join with. Stormravens are pretty pricey though and fitting in 2 at 1500 in a balanced list just isn't going to work. We'll go with Hybrid then. A previous rendition of a Hybrid Seth-led force at 1500 could look something like this and if we drop the Libby and an HG squad we could add two more TL-HF ASM squads and a Sang Priest which leaves us with:

HG w/2x power weapon, 2x meltagun, TL-HF RBack
3x5x ASM w/meltagun, TL-HF RBack
2x10x ASM w/2x meltaguns, PFist
2x Baals

for 1495 points. A lot of scoring so some of the ASM could be condensed to get some more impressive units like SG (in fact, you could replace both of the 10x ASM squads with SG squads though you become very light on bodies) or Sternguard.

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