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Monday, December 27, 2010

Email in: Requesting advice on my BA jump/hybrid list

"Hi Kirby,

My name's Samuel, from Italy.
I recently started to play 40K and found (by choiche, I admit it :)) your site, full of deep and useful info about the miniature universe. I want to thank you and the other admins because your site really helped to me to improve my knowledge of the game.

I would ask you a little help and an advice about a BA jump/hybrid list, I'm trying to build up:

Librarian Jp (shield, lance)125
Assault Squad A1 PF, 2 melta, +5 models235
Blood priest Jp, LC90
Assault Squad B1 PF, flamer, +5 models225
Blood priest Jp75
Devastator squad4 ML130
Scout squad4 precision rifle, ML, cloaks100
Honor GuardJP, 3 melta195
Assault Bike2 bikes, 2 melta100
Vanguard VeteransJP, MB, galive+SS, PF, LC+SS225

Total is 1500. It's very similar to many lists I've found on your site, I admit it. I've tried to build a list with the units I have right now.
It can work? What do u think about it? I think my list could suffer from horde list, but I don't know what to change, right now.
Is there a way to improve it, maybe changing the equipment of the units?

Thanks for your attention.

All the best

Glad we can help Samuel! That's a solid list but needs a few tweaks. I'm not really super fond of mixing Devs and VV into the list but this looks like a good compromise. The Attack Bikes aren't really a good pick as they simply bring what the Jumpers are already bringing, melta in your face. Although it's more mobile than the Jumpers obviously it's a prime target for anti-tank guns since it can be instant deathed. The Devs are also providing better ranged supporting fire than the AB MM can. If you've got these models and nothing else currently it's okay to use them but I'd recommend something else. We want to make sure our ASM have double melta each so we'll add 2 meltas to the flamer squad and then let's try and get in another Dev squad as more missiles helps.

We've got 90 points so that buys the squad but we need to add some missiles of course! We'll drop the cloaks from the Scouts and the LClaw from a Priest giving us 3 MLs on the new Dev and the following list:

Libby w/JP
HG w/JP, 3x meltaguns
2x Priest w/JP
2x10x ASM w/2x meltaguns, PFist
5x Scouts w/ML
5x VV w/Glaive, PFist, LC, 2x SS, meltabomb
5x Devs w/3x ML
5x Devs w/4x ML

And we're 25 points over as the PFist I don't think was included in the VV cost. So we'll drop the PFist there which makes them less useful against MCs/Tanks but with the MLs/meltas we should be right. We could drop an ML, meltabomb, and meltagun from the HG but up to you and I'd prob keep them without. That list is a bit more streamlined and gets you more firepower overall. Anti-infantry you shouldn't be too worried about as ASM chew through most infantry with weight of attacks @ S5/I5 and you've got enough combat weapons and attacks to scare MEQs as well.

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