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Thursday, December 2, 2010

email in: Unique Space Wolves/Alpha Legion

Forwarded email from the Kirbmeister.

Hello Kirby, how are ya? This is BroLo duh!
All the way over in Ireland here myself! Yay! A Celtic brother... well sort of.
Enjoying the blog I must say. Maybe it's just the random pink that makes it so attracting. Too many jokes.

I have a question/request if you ever find the time for it :) I don't, but I'm scared of Kirby, so go for it...
After reading some fluff, and thoroughly enjoying Legion, and much deliberation, I have the notion to do an Alpha Legion army.
My main thought though, is which codex? I don't really care for people complaining about using other codexs for armys so its no problem to me.
Initially I thought about using the vanilla marine dex, some nice scouts, Telion himself of course.

But after raising my thoughts on your wee chat-box, alot of other options opened up I never really thought of.
A couple of the guys/girls in chat brought up the idea of using Space Wolves to represent Alpha Legion. One guy mentioned because "space wolves is the best dex obv" but there was other ideas! :)

Mainly scouts and powerful psykers. There was also the mention, for fluff reasons and competetiveness to be reviewed, the idea of running all 4 HQs but in such a way that they are as similar as possible to represent the devious and tedious of tracking down the 'real' Alpharious, decoys more or less. 4 of might be a bit much, considering you might not get a rune priest of course, but then you could always do, 2 x BC and 2 x Rune Priest to perhaps represent the twin primarch duality but also having their own 'double'. Does this even make sense?? :) I hope it does.
Also, the option of Lone Wolves runnning rampant, obviously theyre scouting for intel and disrupting stuff and whatnot.
So my request is, in short. Would you be able to russle up a quick draft of an army, but trying to theme to Alpha Legion tactics or play style. Obviously I dont really care about what 'weapons/vehicles' would be available to the AL and hence shouldnt be taken, so maybe ignore all that. :)

That's about it from me. It'd be awesome if you manage to reply with ideas or whatnot. But in the meantime, take it easy man and keep blogging :)


Back in black.

Well, this is certainly an unusual request. I've not read Legion myself, but after a little reading around the XXth Legion, I'll see if I can help. from my reading, it seems the Alpha legion were kings of subterfuge and misdirection. They've no problem with using inducted cultists, traitor legions or xenos and although I've not read anything about psykers/sorcerers, I'll take it that they do from your blurb. I'm not sure about the whole lone wolves thing as the Legion are all about the plan and teamwork, not about the individuals, but if that's what you want, we can think about it. The whole doppelganger thing comes from the Alpharius/Omegon thing.... if you don't know anything about it... go read....

What Codex?

Scouts are the first thing I think of when it comes to subterfuge, but it would be nice to involve power-armoured marines for this if possible. Unfortunately, not many codices allow power-armoured marines to infiltrate/outflank (except BT and DA, but we're talking competitive here...). I think deep-striking units could be considered in terms of their 'surprise' element. Any loyalist marine dex can induct units from DH/WH, so that's fine and all the codices we're considering have psykers.

Let's see what we can do with SW as my brain also says that this is the best codex to visit first.

Oh... you didn't say how many points... we'll go with a 2000, because that seems to be the done thing at the moment.

Rune Priest - LL, JotWW - 100

Rune Priest - Bolter - LL, Tempest - 100

Wolf Scouts (5) - Meltagun - 85

Wolf Scouts (5) - Meltagun - 85

Wolf Guard (5) - Combi-melta x 2, Combi-melta/Power weapon, Terminator Armour + CML - 150
Rhino - 35

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (5) - Meltagun x 2 - 70

Inquisitorial Storm Troopers (5) - Meltagun x 2 - 70

Grey Hunters (5) - Meltagun - 80
Razorback - Las/plas - 75

Grey Hunters (5) - Meltagun - 80
Razorback - Las/plas - 75

Grey Hunters (5) - Meltagun - 80
Drop-pod - 35

Land Speeder (2) - Typhoon ML x 2 - 180

Land Speeder (1) - MM - 60

Land Speeder (1) - MM - 60

Long Fangs (6) - 5 x ML - 140
Rhino - 35

Long Fangs (6) - 5 x ML - 140
Razorback - Las/plas - 75

Long Fangs (5) - 4 x ML - 115
Razorback - Las/plas - 75


I think it's plain to see there are massive influences from certain other lists around, but there are certainly different elements to it. Maybe for the better, maybe not, but I'm sure it hits the theme of the Alpha legion. I couldn't find a place for the lone wolves and sadly no true infiltrating power armour. The drop pod I hope makes up for that.

There is a hell of a lot of output from the list. 20 missiles, 4 lascannon shots and a dual-melta drop pod on turn one. Then 2 further dual-melta infiltrating and 2 MM speeders to screw with your opponent. The priests can steal rhinos by their lonesome or join the GH/IST... there are transports to spare really.

Hope that helps.

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