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Friday, December 24, 2010

Email in: Wolfwing


Have been a long time lurker I really like your site. I usually play vanilla space marines and white scars but recent;y I was building a Space Wolf army for my friend and was struck by how nice the kits were. I would like to put together a list that is different then all the other TWC. Razor Spam or rhino spam lists that we have in Chicago. It doesn't have to be hyper competitive as I have the other Marines for that but I still want it to put up a fight. I would like to use a Wolfwing lst because A. Small model count. I dont want to put together an d paint a ton more spacewolves B. No one else has one in the area. C. I want to use both termies and powered armored troops. I am not adverse to mixing PA and TDA in squads and would probably like to have a unit of long fangs to run with Logan. ( I love the idea of a unit with multimeltas and a meltagun and a Wolfguard with Logan droping next to something.) I also would like options to use drop pods but I really dont want any rhino chassis vehicles. I also would use speeders and even dreads. I just have no direction and would like to see what you guys come up with.


Well one of the best foot lists around is Loganwing and it's pure foot so no rhino chassis. Tick there. You can add Dreads or Speeders if you wish but I think the pure foot is aspect is fine. I'm not a huge fan of the Drop Pod idea with Logan and Long Fangs, even if you do drop two quite expensive vehicles (say two Land Raiders), the unit is very exposed and I'd be adverse to using all Drop Pods as well when you can have a very survivable list on the table anyway which can advance and shoot. So unless you're really set on using some Pods, an army list like Chumby's Loganwing is our best bet I feel. This list has TWC which I imagine you don't want and only some TDA models so I'd recommend a couple more TDA Wolf Guard so you don't have the huge model count you were adverse to. Depending upon points level you could also fit in a Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Saga of the Hunter for one of those annoying 3+ cover save units which just keeps shooting.

What the mix of PA and TDA will do is allow you to fob off certain hits onto certain armored units and maintain the effectiveness of your unit for as long as possible. Anyway let us know if this is a concept you're interested in and if you're really set on using Dreads/Speeders and what points level you're looking at and we can make a list!

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