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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Cheers for Charity!

So once again I plan on running my Warhammer Fantasy tournament 'Solstice'.  The tournament will be taking place June 18th/19th in Madison WI.  The tournament once again will be a good fun charity event with proceeds being donated to Wisconsin Early Autism Project.  WEAP is a local charity that is a significant part of our community in teaching autistic children to function and learn in normal society as well as making the public aware of autism.
This year I plan on it being considerably larger in size, and this is where I need some assistance!  I need some graphics!  I need some advertisement and would be greatly appreciative of any 3++ graphic skilled individual who would assist me in making some PC Graphics that I can post on a website I will be designing for advertisement.

As always I am also looking for any sponsors to help contribute to prize support and or charity raffle items.  Last year we raised nearly $500 for Autism research and funding, this year I hope to top that!  Anyone willing to paint a mini, or with extra items that wishes to donate will receive a special mention and thanks on the website.  I will also be able to provide tax deduction information for anyone who should request it.

On to the graphics!  I would like a traditional banner to be displayed on the tournament website.   It has 3 main needs.

1) It pertains and is influenced upon WHFB
2) It is family friendly
3) It includes something related to the summer solstice

I will be painting up a very special 3++ space marine So it's gonna be pink? for the winner of the banner I choose to use to show my appreciation.  Kirby will also be placing the banner on 3++, so here is a chance to get your work viewed!

Participants should upload their banner to photo bucket, flicker or a similar image hosting site and leave the link in a comment below!

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