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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Email in: Advice on a BA Jump List

"Hey Kirby,

Can you give me some advice on Blood Angels?

Here is the current concept lists, designed to be run in two wings.

The idea of this lists is the two wings. Each Assualt squad will combat squad in most circumstances, and they usually starts on the board. I will run three combat squads in each wing in front, with a squad of Sanguinary Guard accompanied by Sang Priest and Librarian just behind. This gives each combat squad reach to the priest and within the radius of Shield. The SG are counterattack units that receive cover saves from the assault squads in front of them.

The vanguard are two more hammer units. The VV with shields are a hold unit, whereas the VV with all the weapons are my spear.

Librarian: Jump Pack, Shield, Lance 125
Librarian: Jump Pack, Shield, Lance 125
Sanguinary Priest: Jump Pack, 75
Sanguinary Priest: Jump Pack, 75
Sanguinary Guard: Powerfist 210
Sanguinary Guard: Powerfist, infernus pistol 220
Assault Squad: PF, 2xMelta 235
Assault Squad: PF, 2xMelta 235
Assault Squad: PF, 2xMelta 235
Vanguard Veterans: TH, 3xSS, 240
Vanguard Veterans: TH, LC, Glave, PW 225

The one thing I lack is ranged AT. There are a couple options to fix this, among them dropping both VVs for three squads of Devs. However, this completely changes the dynamic of the list.

Any thoughts?


A solid list overall Eric that works well with the Descent of Angels/Jumper concept with VV and SG added. However, you're really light on FNP/FC bubbles so I'd drop a Libby in place of a 3rd Sang Priest. This loses your ability to run in two 'wings' but you want to deep-strike more often than not (which is also where Blood Lances really shines). The loss of the Libby isn't too flash on the drop either as Lance and Shield are great powers for this type of list but that extra bubble is really needed.

With the extra points I'd add hand-flamers to either the Priests or ASM sarges and modify the VV so they both have 3xSS (I'd change the 2nd squad so it just was two combat weapons). This gives you more anti-super unit power with 6 3++ saves and evens out your combat ability across the two VV squads and adds some ranged anti-infantry.

Pure Jumper is fine with no ranged AT as that's its role. You could of course change the VV into Devs and run a Blood Hammer style list but the list you have currently is very solid. You could buy/convert the Devs and you have two armies in one with just a few extra purchases and with the saved points I'd potentially buy a scout squad w/ML, cloaks and/or some Honor Guard for more melta/extra bubble.

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