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Sunday, January 2, 2011

fester's Orks: Battlewagon Build Part 1

So ladies and gents, with the flood, Xmas, and the rest of it, I have been working on my Big Mek Battlewagon for my Speed Freaks. I scored a Battlewagon model for Xmas (might be another in the mail yet if I am lucky).

Anyway, Eltnot challenged (he has changed his tune to "suggested") that as I am building my Buggies out of Deffkoptas, I should use the Gorkamorka buggy I have in my bits box (or whats left of it anyway) and have it mid-loot in the back of the wagon...
So I did.

What I am thinking is that the "lid" on the back won't fit with the crane arm... So how do I fix that?

Well, how about a hinged opening top, like a drawbride?

Anyway, onto the rest of the Pics...

All the bits for the BW laid out, everything to be painted separately.
God help me :)

This is the stuff I am going to try to build my Deffrolla out of (at this point). We will see how it turns out, hopefully spiky and mean looking.

You can always keep up to date with this, and my other builds by following which of course, is my personal blog!

Comments are welcome and appreciated. It's almost at a paint-point, as I am starting to run out of things i can do with it before I start hiding details that I want to paint.

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