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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some updates and thoughts

Sorry posting has been erratic lately guys. Both myself and the missus have been on holidays so not as much computer time obviously (though I got a vassal game in :P) and I blame that for the lack of in-depth articles of late and a lot of e-mail responses instead. I've got a bit of backlog with around 20 emails and a couple PMs to get through so bear with me if you've sent anything in. I've also been asked to review the UK Masters event and army lists so I'll put my thoughts up on that in a couple of days.

As fester said in his last post, we're looking to do some more basics stuff so 3++ is more friendly for all skill levels. I've had this comment from quite a few people and passed on by others (*stares at Dethtron*) so hopefully we can get some good articles rolling in that regard. We'll also be getting the Dark Eldar codex review up soon and some army comparisons as well shortly after that (any authors which would like to do certain match-ups, please let me know).

Some of you may have noticed a couple minor changes as well in relation to the 3++ page. All external links now open a new page so you don't have to click out (thanks Dethtron for helping) and the Like/Dislike has been changed to Pink/Not-pink and I'd really appreciate people who click select the Not-Pink actually speak up rather than being an anonymous ...person online ^^. I know this unlikely to actually do anything but transperency is nice kids.

Anyway, hopefully get back to some more in-depth articles soon and hope everyone has had a good holidays!

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