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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Email in: 1000 points IG list advice

"Hello ,

I've been loving the blog in the few weeks since I found it!

My friends and I have been letting that whole "real life" thing get in the way of gaming for too long now, so we are resolving to trying and play more. Rather than our usual 3000-5000 point doubles games that take a month of random evenings to complete, we are looking to play more at the 1000 point level, intending to meet somewhere after work, set up, and play quick enough that those of us with kids can make it home to put them to bed. The problem is, though we are rather competitive, none of us is used to playing such small games. I'm having a heck of a time trying to whittle a list down to that points level.

I'd really recommend 1500 as the bare minimum. The games should be pretty quick (2 hours) and you can start building balanced lists. There are a lot of options which aren't too flash due to the points restriction but a lot better than 1000.

That being said, I've also been realizing that this points level has a very different dynamic than larger games. Losses are felt more and big cost characters are even more wasteful. Units like Tervigons can really ruin your day if you aren't prepared, yet a couple of Vendettas are very hard to fit in 1000 points. I've been beating my skull in trying to come up with a force I'm happy with and not really getting there.

That's 1000 points for you :P. Beat your head against your friends until they capitulate for 1500. Let's check the list...

For example:
Primaris Psyker - 70 (Rides with Vets)
Infantry Platoon - 275
- PCS with 3 Flamers and 1 Heavy Flamer in a Chimera (I'm on the fence here; it kills Orks and Gaunts, and bugger all to marines)
- 2 Infantry Squads with Autocannons (One Commissar)
Meltavets in Chimera - 155
Meltavets in Chimera - 155
Vendetta w/ HB Sponsons - 140
Vendetta w/ HB Sponsons - 140
Marbo - 65

Annoyingly enough, I have just about every model in the codex built, but I don't have two Vendettas (yet). I'm not sure if I can do it viably without them. Demolishers? Do I give up redundancy at this level and go with one Russ variant and one Vendetta?

Thanks for your time!

A pretty solid list which scales up nicely but the Infantry Platoon isn't really adding anything to your army here. You've got a great reliable backfield scoring unit but it's not really protecting anything. The vendettas are mobile and the Chimvets want to move forward. You gain the most out of an infantry bubble-wrap when you've got tanks to protect. With this in mind I'd scratch this squad completely as well as Marbo and go for another Chimvet squad and then some Hydras. You'd have some extra points left so adding some HKM or changing the Primaris to a CCS in a Chimera is also an option.

As you move up in points you can add the blob back in, particularly as you add in PBS in Chimeras, more Hydras (or other Heavy Support) which you can protect but at 1000 it's largely a large paperweight.

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