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Monday, February 21, 2011

Email in: comp score ruins tournaments

Today I got an e-mail about a comped tournament in New Zealand called Battlecry (I think this is the link; please inform me if this is incorrect). I was e-mailed by the Tournament winner, which seems odd considering the title of the e-mail. Then I read it... Let's see what you think...

"I've just won a tournament and I really don't deserve it.
The breakdown of the tournament was:
40% Battlescore
20% Sports
15% painting
25% Comp.

The problem is this, The guy who should have won the whole thing won all 6 games and only dropped 2 bonus points, so 88/90, he got a 2/5 for comp. I had 3 wins, 2 draws and a loss with 67/90 Battle points, but pulled a 5/5 comp. Because of this I won the tournament... The following is my list, which in my opinion deserves a 3-3.5.

Sammael - Land Speeder
Interrogator Chaplain - Fist, Bike

6 man bike squad - Fist, Apoth, Banner, Plasma gun x2, Attack bike MM
6 man bike squad - meltagun x2, Attack bike MM
3 man bike squad - meltagun x2, Attack bike MM
3 man bike squad - meltagun x2, Attack bike MM
3 man bike squad - meltagun x2, Attack bike MM

Land speeder typhoon, MM
Land speeder typhoon, MM
Land speeder typhoon, MM

So 16 Melta shots and 6 missiles per turn...

My problem is that comp is so subjective, what some people perceive is good other think are rubbish. So my army, which is good, got a great comp score that it didn't deserve and as a result I won the tournament. Over a guy who won all six games... fair? no."

First congratulations for obviously doing well in sports and painting and having a good army list get 5/5 comp (you bribed the judges right?) as well as your wins on the day(s). As was pointed out though by the e-mailer...the guy who goes 6-0 doesn't win? Ouch (he does come 2nd overall I believe). Not to mention the e-mailers list is actually quite good and by no means a 5/5 no matter how you shake the proverbial pointy stick. Poor form indeed.

I asked the e-mailer for more info (and pictures of his army which you can see in this post) and got this in return:

"Yeah if you want to post it go for it, pic's attached including some of my conversions =)

You were close, it was a New Zealand tournament called Battlecry, the second biggest tournament we run in the country with 50 players. The guy who won 6 games ended up second. I've attached the players pack for the tournament as well, though the missions were only given on the day (something I have a huge beef with because some missions can greatly disadvantage some army's) The missions were (from memory):

Mission 1: Kill Points, Pitched Battle.
Mission 2: 5 objectives taking turns to deploy each (as in rulebook), Dawn of War.
Mission 3: Spearhead, one objective in the center of the table, one in the center of the unused table quarters.
Mission 4: Pitched Battle, beginning of player 2 one objective drops 12D6 from the players left or right randomly decided. Turn 3,4,5 one objective lands 3D6 away from the last objective placed untill turn 5 or one lands off the table.
Mission 5: Pitched Battle, Victory points, night fight turns 2+
Mission 6: Table quarters but cant deploy within 18" of the center. One objective in the center of the table, which can be contested as normal...

Excuse the shorthand.


P.S. yes that is a bike rail grinding =D"

First, cool models. It's nice to see a fully painted bike army =D. I think I've got the right weblink up for the website of the tournament as I cannot attach the sent document (though if this weblink could be confirmed that would be nice). Secondly, agree very much regarding missions. For any prospective TO's out there, this is a huge no-no. Give the missions first and don't make them random (like Mission 4) or complete bollocks for some armies (like Mission 5) or super easy to draw (like mission 6).

Anyway, this isn't a place for flaming comp (so shut up VT2 ^^) but I thought it was important to publish for a couple of reasons.

1) Come on. Painted bike army. Do I need more reasons?
2) It's a prime example of someone who did 'worse' than someone (and not by a tiny amount in terms of wins on the day) and got handed the 1st place trophy. And this person felt it was unjust.
3) No matter how you look at comp, it ends up being subjective. A good army list got full comp. Go figure.
4) Painted bikes!

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