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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rules: Combat squadding in BA army - post FAQ

This is from an e-mailer:

"Hello Kirby,
i'm a regular reader of your blog, and i have a small question for you.
In most of your jumper army, i remember you using combat squad for your assault squads.
In that regard, how do you interpret this FAQ:
Q: Can you take a Drop Pod with a 10-man squad and
then put a combat squad in it, deploying the other combat
squad on the table, or leave it in reserve but not in the
Drop Pod? (p69)
A: No, because squads that are placed in reserve may not
break down into combat squads.

Does that mean that you can no more do 5 man squad DoA?
That you split after the reserve roll?
Something else?
Thank you for your input, i really don't know what to do whith this FAQ (which come from the old DA FAQ and can be a overview...)

I've read this as you combat squad after the Reserve roll. 

Previously I played that you were 'deploying' in reserve and thus split then and rolled for each squad separately but with this FAQ it indicates you combat squad once the unit actually arrives and literally deploys on the table. The same can be done for squads in pods (deploy two combat squads as you disembark) and full Terminator squads deep-striking.

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