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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shameless Plugs!

Before we get into anything...sorry for the lack of in-depth posts by me lately. I've been very 'life-focused' lately so haven't had as much time to spend writing for the blog as I would normally like. Add in I've been painting like mad lately to get my horde of gribblies (doesn't this sound familiar...again?) for Centurion and my 40k-devoted time has been taken up there. In a roundabout way I'm saying you can all blame fester for this! Anyway just giving the heads-up. To more important news...

Many of you may know that Ron of the From the Warp blogging group has decided to call it quits with regards to maintaining FTW in order to spend more time with his family. His family's gain is our loss as he is a fantastic guy who ran a great network and produced some great tutorials and commission work. He is still updating his commission work over on his personal blog, Black Dot Barrel Studios. We here are 3++ wish him the best of luck in his endeavours and will miss what he has brought to the community whilst running FTW. We hope you'll be back soon Ron! to the plugs! Quite a few people have moved in to fill the void Ron has certainly left and a couple of them have e-mailed me to get their concepts up and running. The first is GDMNV who has created a BlogDexes page (gotta catch them all!). You can find out all the info you need on this network as explained by GDMNV himself here. Although currently there are only very broad categories, GDMNV hops to split the blogs down so they are easier to find.

And in the other corner! Dave from Wargaming Tradecraft! Dave has done some excellent posts on how to improve your overall blogging experience both for yourself and your reader. I would highly recommend reading those. What Dave has also set up is a network which helps individuals find you based upon what your blog specialises in and gives prospective readers the chance to pick you out from the crowd. You can see the theory behind this in a post by Dave here.

Both of these networks require one thing to operate, you! Without people submitting their blogs or browsing their pages to check out other blogs, well they aren't going to be very useful for everyone are they? So hop off your bottoms and check out some new blogs and submit your own and help out both Dave and GDMNV!

A special thanks goes out to Ron again from FTW for giving us a great time and inspiring other bloggers to follow in his foot steps. You'll be missed.

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