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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's acceptable in your hobby - theme

Recently, I dropping into a flaming rant from our favourite author VT2 about what is and what is not acceptable in the hobby. It lead into an interesting thought:

Are there limits to what is acceptable to players when it comes to the hobby?

I apologize in advance if this comes off like it should be on another leading hobby blog, but I feel it is work exploring.

Firstly, 3++ does not support any of the logos that may show up on this page.
Second... I didn't mean this to get as heavy as it did...

So, in your personal experience, what do you find acceptable.
There are some strange things that came out of the conversation with VT2.

For instance, the thought of large phallic objects and breasts on a Slanneshi model was acceptable. Obviously around the younger crowd this would be frowned upon, but the blatent sexualisation of miniatures was deemed fine.

However, for some, the use of the Nazi insignia is just a nono, regardless of the quality of the paintjob, theme, etc

Click for the Dakka Dakka blog, its spec-tacular.

This is a beautiful model, and if it wasn't adorned with Nazi insignia (and instead, say, the Emporer) would be applauded. However, how do you feel about it? Realistically, the goal of the hobby is to enjoy it in your own way, but possibly one must also consider the feelings of the person on the other side of the table. When you deploy, how do you know how the person opposite you will react to your army? Every army in 40k has a level of "real-world" tie-in... how much is acceptable?

This example is fine for Warhammer 40k, but beyond our corner of the gaming hobby, would it be appropriate in Flames of War?

Where do you draw the line? Is it only sociall acceptable to model your armies as the "winners" in a war?
Is it acceptable to bring real-life events and armies onto your tabletop, regardless?
How do you know if the person opposite's grandfather was killed by an SS officer, Japanese POW camp, British officer or in Hiroshima?

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