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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grey Knight Librarians + Grand Masters

This is just a quick post for me today as I have other more important stuff to do on Saturdays! Anyway, one of the major issues with Librarians and Grand Masters (and a couple of the other HQs but these guys are really good HQs so jump out as the biggest offenders) is they come standard with Terminator armor. This means the majority of transports one takes in a Grey Knight army (Rhinos and Razorbacks) can't do diddly squat in actually transporting these monstrous behemoths. This can really be an issue when you're trying to fit these guys into your army lists as they are made of pure win (with a bit of swiss cheese on the side). To run them effectively you'd be looking at putting them on foot and looking at more Hybrid list or coughing up the big bucks/points for Land Raiders or Storm Ravens which don't always fit well into lists and need two to gain saturation.

Luckily someone (Jcd386) pointed out a shockingly simple solution, put them in Chimeras. Yes, Rhinos and Razorbacks designed to carry 2m tall Warriors clad in (what I imagine is) very heavy armor of super-human nature cannot carry the same Warriors in heavier armor but Chimeras designed to transport weedy little guys like you and me can...go figure?

This makes including a single GK HQ with Terminator armor a lot easier! We obviously still have to work within this constraint if we are taking two TDA HQs as we cannot access henchmen without some form of Inquisitors (why weren't these guys Elites again?). We've got a lot of Inquisitor options with quite a few special characters (Coteaz and Karadread being some decent ones) as well as your bare bones cheap ones. As I discussed in the PsyCoteaz posts, Inquisitors can be great utility and the ability to unlock a Hench squad which can take a cheap transport to take a Terminator GK HQ is a very nice option to have.

Anyway just food for thought. Don't despair with your Libby/GMs! You may not be able to take a pure GK list with them if you don't want to run some of the above mentioned options but there is a lot of potential to field them in a pure mech list without Land Raiders or Stormravens. It just comes down to picking what Inquisitor you want to run and what you want that Inquisitor to do + what you want the Henchmen squad to ultimately be (cheap access to a Chimera, heavy weapon bunker, midfield support, etc.?).

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