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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kirby's Raveners

So I've been busy lately painting for Centurion and engaged in other life activities. Big kudos to the other authors for stepping up on the weekend and a big thank you from me. I'm still waiting on some bits from ebay to arrive so I can make the final three Raveners (the one time it takes over a week to arrive...) with some kit-bashing (I've only got the tails en route). I've also got a bunch of Gants and Prime to detail and also decided I dislike the black lining in particular places (i.e. joints) and am going to change those back to the normal skin color with inking. That means the whole army has to be re-done in that regard...will leave that for last so I can at least have a fully painted force out there! Anyway here are the six Raveners. Need to do the bases still for two (one is a hand-made base since I ran out of resin bases...go figure) and touch up the detailing.

I've tried taking my photos outside and some turned out better than my usual standard (I think). Prefer this or my previous pictures? Anyway, enjoy!

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