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Friday, March 4, 2011

S10 Challenge

Iwas supposed to play fester. That didn't happen cause some noob named Billy nicked his army to play bryce aka comradecowboy. Yes rupey Billy is in Australia though we don't want him. Take him back. Anyway this meant I played...Vince! How new and exciting. Since he hasn't had much playing time with his fluffy night lords we did this with me helping him. Thanks to good bubblewrapping my MCs didn't asplode and although he hemmed me in well I was able to capture objectives to take the primary win. Gg on both sides and good workout for Vince. Also another example of proper bubblewrapping. Billy's orks also beat Bryce"s space puppies.

Will have a full batrep when I get back but for now, bed. The real tourney starts tomorrow. Goodluck to all and thanks fester for organising!

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